Adaptive Limiter seems to behave differently to before.. might be the routing.. REALLY enjoying Logic Pro X though and not even touched the scope of what can…
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  1. fractionofsounds

    hey! i have a question. i want to use take folders to edit some parts of a
    recording i’ve made (guitar). i’ve made sure my locators are set to the
    specific part i want to play over and over again, and then i click record
    to start recording. the problem is that i can’t hear the original part
    through my headphones. my headphones work fine with logic at all other
    times, but when i do this i can’t hear anything. do you have any idea why
    this is? thanks for a great vid, btw!

  2. fractionofsounds

    … or maybe you’re not supposed to hear your original take, while using
    take folders? just realised that.

  3. Yea, when you are recording comps the playback is muted. If you need to
    monitor a guitar track during playback then record a separate track to play
    along with. Then you can build your comp track while listening to the other
    track, if that helps. You can always delete the play-along track later.
    Hope that helps.

  4. Great tutorial. Thanks very much. I would add maybe one think to it.
    Selecting takes within a folder can also be done by simply clicking on
    them. It also applies to selected bits of the take.That is a bit faster
    action then going to the corner pop window of the folder. Hope that help

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