Adaptive Limiter seems to behave differently to before.. might be the routing.. REALLY enjoying Logic Pro X though and not even touched the scope of what can…
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  1. MrPyroZFireworks

    The tutorial is great! Thanks for that. But what an annoying voice.. Your
    voice is just too boring because it’s too low.´╗┐

  2. PrimeKProductions

    Nice tut. Don’t stop reading please, this means alot to me..! I’m from
    Sweden. I’m a young EDM/Electro/House Producer & Dj, it’s very hard to get
    known these days on internet! So please if you have time, come check out my
    Soundcloud .. My best song yet on Soundcloud is ”Hard Collide (PrimeK
    Mashup) i think! ­čÖé
    Sorry for spam, Not meant to spam, but it’s the only way :/´╗┐

  3. fitforsoccer000888

    Has anyone layered automation over midi ? I like to do that but when I do,
    it’s difficult to get the the one underneath…any tricks for this that
    someone knows?´╗┐

  4. Dude your voice is fine, you’re not super enthusiastic but don’t let people
    tell you you sound annoying. You don’t! You have a pleasant voice. Awesome
    tutorial btw, I’m getting into electronica, I wanna do the whole
    nu-disco/indie dance/house thing so this is a very helpful video, thanks
    man! :)´╗┐

  5. wow! there is a armin van buuren – humming the lights melody …! :))
    interesting.. maybe avb watched this tutorial ..´╗┐

  6. Ettore Rigadello

    How can I have the patterns that tou have in 24:28 in FL Studio 11? (sorry
    for my english I am italian)´╗┐

  7. Melodic Meerkat

    How do you get like ‘the shadows’ of other/deleted/seperate track notes on
    the piano roll whilst continuing to input? Like you begin to do at 21:30 ,

  8. ****************************************************************************************
    Okay guys this is how to get the pattern blocks (At the bottom of the

    –Step 1: Go to this link ->>>

    –Step 2: download the Registration Entry for Fl studio Pattern Blocks.
    Once you have downloaded it, double click on it and it should take you
    through the confirmation.

    –Step 3: If you have Fl Studio open, close it and re-open it once the
    Blocks have been installed. You should see the blocks at the bottom of the

    THEN RE-DOWNLOAD IT AND REPEAT STEP 3. It did not work the first time for

    Hope this helped. Like so everyone can see X)


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