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  1. man the renaissance looks so much more intuitive than the maschine. So much
    more refined. Im not expereinced in either yet but from the vids ive seen
    thats what Im seeing. If you chopping samples and making hiphop the
    renaissance looks unbeatable 

  2. HEy i have a question can you run the mpc with out the cpu software . and
    is there an internal hard drive in the mpc

  3. just got mine earlier today. had the 1000 but haven’t messed with an mpc in
    over 3yrs. wanted to get back into it. I’m pretty lost now but I’ll get it
    together hopefully. You seem to have it down though.

  4. Hey I had a 5000, now the Ren. Honestly there’s not much to miss about the
    5000. In fact if you wanted you could use your Ren exactly like the
    hardware mpcs and use modules/reason/Abelton for your instruments and not
    experience any of the os flaws that are being worked on. Just gotta be able
    to get your mind from being wrapped around the fact that it has to be
    plugged into the computer, which isn’t a problem for me. lol

  5. im a maschine user but im really considering saving up for a renaissance, i
    make beats based off vinyl samples, im using a maschine mikro but my backs
    against the wall right now cus I wanna switch the the bigger MK2 controller
    but I dont know if I should save up for the Ren

  6. For 2$50.00 or $200.00 I would buy that 2000xl. That’s cheap. If you go on
    ebay, people are selling them for $600.00. Where is this pawn shop? I would
    buy the 2000 for that price. You can get a external zip disk drive or buy a
    internal zip drive for the mpc. That would give you 100 mb of space to save
    your tracks. Get what you can afford.

  7. the shop is in for $250 the other for $200…dont know why one cost
    more than the other. appreciate the advice!

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