Using Garageband as a Songwriting Tool #1

This video provides an overview of how to use Garageband as a songwriting tool, specifically in the creation of the drum track, using Drums on Demand.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

  1. Christopher Morris

    I think this is real cool what your doing man.It’s going to create a great
    platform for recording artist and songwriters to come together. I missed
    out on this one, but I’m all in on the next one. keep up the good work!!

  2. I’m all over this, just sent it to my group as well. Prolly get an entry or
    two them. Loven the beats man, subben on that. Be sure to keep an ear out!

  3. Ill definitely enter this. I just ordered my equipment today! Glad I was
    looking around for stuff on youtube and found this haha. 

  4. hey whats good I’ve been following u …. i use to have a studio like 8
    years ago lol i was a master at cool edit anyways i always wanted to get
    back into so i went and spent like 4,000 on shit lol …. ill enter the
    contest just to see how i do , but i just stared using protools so please
    be wear lol

    if u wanna hear my music I’m in the middle of working on my mixtape so tell
    me what u think of my music … which is being recorded in a real studio
    till i can record myself lol

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