This video is a response to a request from a large number of my stream viewers (including Duske) asking how to play background music while streaming. I do no…
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Quick FL Studio Vocal/Audio Recording Tutorial (Nepali)

This was made to help my friend on recording audio.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

  1. Why did you record both separately to double track. Cant you just record
    your guitar into two channels (one full left, one full right) is that the
    same thing? 

  2. What i do is, I track the guitar on two tracks in the same time, with
    different settings, so they dont have the same waveform. Then i track
    agian, so i basicly get 4 tracks with only tracking twice. I think it
    sounds nice. 

  3. No reason whatsoever to record that hot with modern DAWs and 24 bit
    conversion. Zero. Go ahead, track at -18 and crank the track level or clip
    level, the noise will be negligible. Especially with a piece of gear like
    Axe FX, go line in, not through the pres. Then just track anywhere below
    clipping. Why get anywhere even close to 0? 

  4. Леонид Деяк

    любой лох сможет с таким оборудованием норм записать. даже смотреть скучно.

  5. I’m sorry, but I’m not a fan of double tracking. You simply cannot get the
    same sound live. I’d rather be consistent with the recording and playing

  6. dont get me wrong..he is a really nice guy, but i just cannot believe that
    this is how ” professional musicians” sound these days, i never seen this
    guy playing a nice solo or anything interesting.. whats so special about
    using the same godamn strings over and over in all what he does? its
    annoying, i can feel the butthurts coming.

  7. So i just got a Scarlet 2i2. Im waiting on a Shure SM57 to come in, and i
    have Mesa Triple Rectifier. Ive been reading a lot about how the Scarlet
    has clipping problems, in regards to plugging your guitar right into the
    interface, but nobody seems to say anything about using it for micing
    cabnets. Will i have the same problem with micing my cabnet? Mesas are
    pretty loud :/

  8. Anybody know what fucked up tuning he’s playing in? Either I am missing
    something, or that is definitely not a regular dropped tuning.

  9. Hi Misha, or anybody else that can answer, I am looking to get the new Axe
    FX 2 XL and I am wondering if it will go well with an Orange 4X12 cabinet?
    I know I have to get a power amp too, I’m just wondering about this right
    now. Also, I bought the Focusrite 2i2 today because of this video =) My
    duet is starting to shit the bed!

  10. Misha, how do you avoid the hum or feedback noise, since you are recording
    a distorted tone? I’m a newbe, would appreciate a feed back. Thanks. 

  11. Maybe this is a stupid question, but why he’s routing the axe through the
    scarlett 2i2 rather than just using the Axe as his interface? Is it just to
    get rid of clipping artifacts?

  12. Do you really need to use the USB interface when you have an Axe FX? I
    thought the Axe FX had a built in interface so you could just plug that
    right in to your computer?

  13. i am interested to know what kind of hybrid YOU are i am really curious..
    you look south american but the name is russian? so…

  14. ( 6:22) Actually if you record one guitar track, copy it to the next and
    nudge it just a tiny bit it sounds as if you did two performances, instead
    of just louder, I do it all the time cause I’m a lazy fucker and it sounds
    pretty great. But shit, what do I know take his advice not mine. He is Bulb

  15. This is good. But I have a question, if any one can help, please do. Once I
    record my audio in the audio track, if I change the tempo while playing it,
    the sound gets clipped, or you can say vibrates; unless, I reset the tempo
    to what it was recorded on. Even the auto sync swith is ON, it happens. Is
    there any solution for this? for short lengrh notes you wont find it, you
    will notice it when you record longer notes, say, you sing something may be
    around 5 seconds, etc. – Thanks

  16. I am really happy with my Roland Fanton G8, but the fact that I couldn’t
    even capture one singe measure with audio before the memory was full, is
    pretty damn lame. Isn’t there any other solution?

  17. @anakgunung B/C your fantom’s memory is full. If you want to record in
    Fantom, make sure, you have installed the DIMM (refer to the manual), then
    load the project from the USB (use Menu to do that) and then whenever you
    will save anything it will be saved to the USB and you wont have this
    issue. Fantom is not capable of storing audio data more than few MBs after
    storing its other data. So for audio recording you need the DIMM as well as
    a USB flash drive.

  18. I have the same problem like anakgunung, on my fantom I can record only a
    limited amount and then it says “song full” when I still haven’t even
    finished my recording. do you know why that is minelekke?

  19. need vid, but i got a question tho. The first time I managed to do an audio
    recording and even transfer the .wav to my hard disk. But now Im busy with
    a new project and when I want to record is says “song full”.

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