This video is a response to a request from a large number of my stream viewers (including Duske) asking how to play background music while streaming. I do no…
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Quick FL Studio Vocal/Audio Recording Tutorial (Nepali)

This was made to help my friend on recording audio.
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  1. I think you should go in more detail about the “Button Tapped” Method and
    why you cannot use “onClick”

  2. how about giving an example of audio recording using AudioRecord class
    because everbody is telling it is little bit complex than mediarecorder
    class.i had already tried the mediarecorder class

  3. Hi, Profgustin. I’m a student from Vietnam. I have the project, which
    related to Audio Recorder and Media Player. My project is for Education and
    Social. I’m writing software for blind people. I got stuck. I want Media
    player to stop automatically when Player reads in the end of existing audio
    stream, but I don’t know how to do that. If you have any idea, could you
    create a Toturial like this? Thank in advance. Thomas Le.

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