Tips for The ADHD Entrepreneur: How to Use Timers to Increase Productivity.

Top 3 tips to improve your productivity through workflow and design

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  1. Thank you so much.

    I confess you this thw first time I write to you. But as you thew the hook:

    I usually have no difficulties to follow a prodcutivity system…


    My company has a break down.

    And it is so hard to me.

    These days for example, I as able to run three businesses very well.
    So when one of them had a problem (season stuff, less income and still
    employees to pay) and now I am freaking out again.

    I always try to have survival alternatives, but when the income is not
    enough to pay the employees I feel like crazy and start to do every thing
    at once…

    Which just takes me out of control from the other managements. So it is
    like a count down…

    Thank you do much for all the inspiration you bring!

    You deserve to hear it more often.


  2. Hi jb….i would love more tips on increasing productivity and avoiding
    burnout. I have 3 kids 6 and under, work full time (takes almost 10 hours
    with drop offs and commute) and just started a direct sales business
    (jamberry) I also try to exercise before my kids get up which takes up 30-1
    hr. I am a single mom, so I take care of the house, meals and homework. And
    I want to make sure I actually get to play with my kids, get down time and
    see my friends and family
    ….other than cloning myself, I’d love some fresh ideas on how to juggle
    it all!

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