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  1. Scott, I have been following you for awhile. I love this. I wanted to see
    if you know of a way to keep track of commissions. I am a insurance
    broker, and I get paid in spurts, because I am waiting on under-writing.
    Thank you for your support

  2. Scott, your videos are incredible! Thank you for all of the information.
    I tried to sign up for your emails but the website isn’t loading. 

  3. nguyendieulinh27


    While watching this video, I was about to write a “How would you… ?”
    email but then you mentioned that some students have also written to you. I
    know you’ve just uploaded a video last week but please, could you make a
    video for us students before the new school year begins?

    Great videos by the way :)

  4. Thanks for your tips.
    There will be a lot of admin which is fine but aren’t you interesting in to
    save your history?
    You look in your calendar and add something to your “daily task” but what
    happended next day when that task is done? Don’t you log anything?

  5. I really enjoyed this video! Very Clear. No “uhhs” or “oh I forgot to
    mention”. Keep up the good work!

  6. Scott, great video. I’ve currently working through your series at the
    moment. You’ll probably mention this in another video and I may be jumping
    the gun here. Once we have the tree structure in place for managing
    everything in the manner you’ve structured it. We are just making tweaks to
    those notes and not adding any others? E.G “new note with tasks /
    objectives with reminders attached to it so that it alarms you of what
    needs to be done at a given time” then crossed off once it’s completed or
    are we just working with this note structure and going back to them as
    reference points for what needs to be done. Thanks in advance. Looks great
    by the way.

  7. Wow, ty soo much. I’m a productive nut. Love being organized and efficient.
    Now I’m even more productive than before. Awesome. Cheers. Will be telling
    all my buds about this. 

  8. Is this series for beginners or for someone who knows a little bit about
    Evernote? I’m asking because the first few comments you made sounded like
    I should already know about using Evernote.
    Just wanted to ask before I started this series. Thanks for your help.

  9. +Evernote Productivity by +Scott Bradley

    As a new user to Evernote, I’m checking out these videos by Scott. I’ve
    watched one of his older videos – How to Use Evernote to Achieve Your
    Goals, and I’ve finished off part 1 of the 4 part series as I linked below.
    So far I’m impressed and will be finishing out the series for sure. Let
    me know your thoughts for sure.

    +Dave Leukam wasn’t it you and I that had a conversation some time ago on
    Evernote, Catch, etc.? 

  10. Excuse me, I don’t know what is the difference between Daily Fill and Daily
    Execution. Would you mind to describe the difference in words again? Thanks
    a lot.
    Because I am not a English native speaker, my listening is worse.
    I hope this request will not impolite. Thanks again.
    And I think this method is useful for plan everyone’s life, please teaches
    other Evernote users more!

  11. iAmtheOtherOfficial

    I think the main failure of GTD is the lack of emphasis on tracking items
    in a way that honours high priority actions without ignoring low priority
    actions. You’ve created, I believe, a truly effective way to stay
    organised. Thank you from a fan in Australia. 

  12. This is awesome! I’ve tried all the “to do” systems but none were a good
    fit. GTD seemed the most thorough but I found I completed a lot of tasks
    but not necessarily the important ones aligned with my big goals. I love
    being reminded of my goals daily and that systems and routines are in place
    so nothing slips through the cracks – AND I have a way to capture all those
    crazy ideas constantly floating around in my head!

  13. +Scott Bradley
    I really like your Daily fill notebook and use it, but for this kind of
    organisation I use an app called Zendone. It uses your evernote account,
    but it allows you to organise your notes in a different way optimised for
    the David Allen’s original GTD system. You have to pay extra $5 per month
    for it but it’s nothing compared to what it allows me to do.

  14. Any time you’d save using Evernote, you’ll lose viewing lengthily and
    minutely detailed How-To video’s on using Evernote. I believe Evernote is
    sufficiently self-explanatory and easy-to-use that you can dispense with
    these unduly complicated tutorials. Or, at least, keep the Help Video down
    to less than ten minutes !

    Of course, this video promotes a ~system~ rather than Evernote itself. It
    thus is not a good vehicle to learn Evernote.

    El Raton de los Datos

  15. Very illuminating! I was trying to use a GTD approach, but so much seemed
    to get covered up. No real overview of the loop of actions and what they
    tie to in Evernote. I like this approach you have.

  16. Dr. Gregory P Martin

    I am working with evernote in addition to Google Docs for Cloud Based data
    and committee sharing across platforms. Has anyone else used these

  17. Soumaila DOUMBIA

    Hey Sccott,

    Many thanks for your great work man. I like it. I always had ambition to
    this great app. but how. again thanks

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