TheEmU – Insanity – Songwriting Tutorial.
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  1. Hi the sound should not lose any quality? how are you recording drums? are
    you programming them in midi and using a vsti to trigger samples? or are
    you actually recording in live drums? or are you just using loops/samples.
    Either way the sound quality should not change? please give me more
    information and I will try and do another video to help you. Many Thanks

  2. Hi Markus, Its not something I tend to do much but I know that you can save
    a channel lets say an audio channel with a loop on it, you have applied eq
    and effects on the inserts etc, if you right click the channel you can save
    it as a track preset you can then save this and call it up later with all
    your effects applied, HOWEVER this does not save the loop etc only the
    effects that were applied to the track.Hope this is some help. Kind regards

  3. Helo, I have a big problem when I use drums on cubase. First, when I play
    the drums, sounds ok,…but when I listen the the track I recorded it seems
    it was somehow automaticly quantized and it really doesn’t get close to
    what I wanted, I mean the notes aren’t the same as I’ve played before,
    sometimes they come early, sometimes they come late it’s horrible. after
    this, I found out “undo quantize” and this problem was solved. but in the
    other hand, the sound loses quality. please help me dude!!

  4. Hi Mike, great tutortials! can i ask .. do you know of a way that i can
    export a track so i can then import if back into a different project? e.g a
    drum track using Battery 3 etc that would export the whole thing including
    the presets/settings?? Im using Cubase 6.7 btw Cheers Markus

  5. Good info! Ever thought of using white noise for builds? It’s an extremely
    uprising element wich enhances the build. What you do is you get a 4 bar
    track of only white noise and slowly build up the frequenty and a fixed
    resonance. At the last bar, bring up the freq. even more and turn the
    resonance up to about 30 percent. I couldnt hear it in the mix, could be my
    speakers tho. Hope this helps you and others with their builds 😉 Grtz from

  6. Hey I have a quick question…I build Songs in Logic as well and then
    Export and import in to Pro Tools, and the mix and track levels i have
    going in Logic always sounds solid pre-export, but post export when they
    are in Pro tools, I have trouble getting the same mix flow and sound as it
    had inside Logic, quality is still there, i just feel like im fighting
    levels and constantly having to adjust and automate my faders and there
    volumes, any tips? Oh and check out my 1st production video!

  7. tyron26musikman

    Respect for this vid. Could you make a video dealing with using samples …
    the editing and cutting – time stretching etc. blessings in all that you do

  8. Nice man, I really liked you took the time even though you are a producer
    already. To many people that gets going into fame forget the little people,
    the people they once where themselves. God bless you to and your music,
    both House music and techno is one thing laying close to heart so I like
    see people who work on on it. But I listen to most music, I mean good music
    is good music. I might send you something I do in the future, I’m just
    getting started so I need time.

  9. Where do you find those nice big sweeping “sonics” as you call them?
    Sometimes producers put ducking on them etc… or how do you create them
    yourself… reversing some instrument with lots of reverb/echo?

  10. dont you just love when you think about something, it comes ur way…SHINY
    DISCO BALLS. thanx for the info 🙂

  11. Very nice “wind” sound. i could really use sound like that to build up the
    drop, but i cant find/create any 😀 could anyone please help out? btw, im
    useing cubase.

  12. Are you 100% self taught….or did you attend any music production
    schools?…or audio engineering courses? thanks for your time posting this

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