1. Daniel Yobaccio

    Where did you buy that pack an what is it called that has the 2 kicks you
    used in this tutorial?? I would appreciate the advice. Thank you

  2. Andrew Paquette

    Is there any reason you wouldn’t be able to perform the same process done
    with the Virus there, through a vst? And if that would be possible, how
    would you route that?

  3. DromundKaasEO

    @Wreck Tangle, The Virus TI stands for the access virus total integration.
    Thats the Hardware integration of an access virus synthesizer, in this case
    the snow version into your DAW Software. It is an Hardware instrument that
    you can buy in a musicstore and not a software synthesizer with free trials

  4. What if you wanted to record over a downloaded instrumental? Where and how
    would you do it? That’s all I need help on! If anyone can help me out I’d
    appreciate it !

  5. Stéphane Yver

    Thanks. Great tutorial. Please keep them coming. I am wondering if & when
    you are ever going to use Ableton’s Session view … suspense … 😉

  6. MrBowelsrelaxed

    Is there a way to record the midi information that the arpeggiator is
    making to another track?

  7. King Hyperion

    What are the plugins you would suggest? Like other than the sylenth and do
    you think it is necessary for me to get a plugin? I have the suite edition
    of live 9 and I want to produce music.

  8. German Gonzalez

    nexus2, massive, and sylenth1 are like the most known. basically everything
    you’ll need for now is within those three, synth-wise.

  9. go to your computer -> local disk C: -> programfiles -> create a folder
    called VSTPlugins grab your sylenth1, drag it into the VSTPlugins. go to
    ableton -> options -> preferences -> file/folder section -> swtich the USE
    VST-Plug in custom folder ON -> rescan then you’re set 🙂

  10. SadowickProduction

    session view is more for live performance imo, I use arrangement 99% of the
    time. Im sure there are better tutorials out there for that side of Ableton.

  11. Jeanmarc Alexander

    lololll @6:34 “not flap in your face…smh never gonna hear the end of
    that” freaking priceless…

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