With over 4.6 hours of material, world-class Engineer and Drummer Jim Pavett brings you the third installment of The Studio Edge: Pro Audio Recording Series …
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  1. ThePrecipiceTheory

    I usually just record from the session view so the whole thing’s in one
    live take but I tried recording from the arrangement view earlier by copy
    and pasting clips in but when I go to play them pack the clips goes
    translucent and nothing plays back. how do I get around this?

  2. malerockdemon2

    exactly, people get so butthurt when I point that out, bacause seriously
    tutorials should be fast and punctual.

  3. Open your I/O. Note how you can select 1, 2, or 1/2. When recording a mic
    (mono) you should make the track mono as well.

  4. hi, thanks for your video. it might be me being an idiot but whenever I
    click record I get awful feedback from the microphone/laptop speakers. Do
    you have any idea how I can solve this?

  5. I’ve got an M-audio ultra 8 R and am trying to record drums (6 mics). All
    the mics are registering noise on the interface but when I’m Ableton and
    try to select different channels, like you do at 0:42 (and also in the
    configuration settings), it will only give me a choice of 2 channels. I got
    my version of Ableton off a friend, so I’m not sure if it’s the full
    version. Does that problem (only being able to record on 2 channels), sound
    like something that would happen because it’s a demo version?

  6. That is because he did not double up his audio recording of his voice. If
    you have one mic, you can only record mono, unless you double up your
    tracks to stereo. I’m pretty sure that’s just what happened, because
    whenever I record with a mic in ableton, the recording only fills one half
    of the stereo audio track 😛

  7. usin a komplete audio 6 as my interface with Cubase 6 . problem is no audio
    is recorded when I try to record . not even a audio wave … microphones a
    at2020 xlr … any suggestionz ..

  8. Hello there, I’m recording using scarlett 2i2..is it normal, if during the
    recording process, i cannot hear what am I playing? Only if i clicked the
    ‘playback’ button, then i can hear the guitar’s sound.

  9. John, you have to make sure your settings are right; like VST Connections
    -Input and Output Buses, then Device Setup…

  10. John Osel O. Diaz

    I have a question if you guys don’t mind. I’m using cubase 6 right now. I
    use a zoom r8 as my interface while i use the zoom r8 driver. Now I’m
    trying to record but I don’t see any sound wave of the recording i make.
    Only a green highlight appears when i click on record. There seems to be no
    output. All the sound that comes out is the fx of the zoom r8. Please help.

  11. jeanclaudeduce33

    Pretty helpfull. I just got started with all that and don’ t know a lot. It
    seems like I have a delay in between my playing and what comes to my ear.
    It really bothers me when I record. Do you guys have any idea what it could
    bbe ? Thanks !

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