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  1. I want to know: is their any eisyer way to record audio, my HDPVR 2 gaming
    edition has that feiture but it doesn’t work trust me I tried on a video 6
    times and it didn’t work

  2. what software do you use to view video from your camcorder?? is this the
    same software you are showing in this video

  3. @XWILLX01 We run our Mini DV to a TV and we view our hard disk footage on
    the windows media player. This is different software.

  4. god dammit i finally find the video recording software i need and its not
    lettin me in the bloody website grrrr :@

  5. thanks for the info mike, you make it sound simple, I may have to watch it
    a few times…. I got an evp on a portable digital, at a cemetary of
    someone I knew, I would like to know how to load in on my computer thanks

  6. CHRISTIANITY FTW!! You don’t see many gaming christians.. For some reason
    their followers and are dumbass devil worshipers.

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