Please comment and share on what you think about these 3 conversion questions that can boost your online productivity. These questions are simple, but not easy to implement, so take a look…

3 tips to help you: Organize online content, Manage work groups or classes and.

  1. Дмитрий Ермаков

    Today I’ve tuned my Outlook for this approach, it seems to give much more
    control than what I did before (simply flagging each letter that required
    follow-up work). Thanks!
    It seems interesting to try e-mail classification by projects, but I
    haven’t succeded in it by myself this far :)

  2. I have a problem with folder management – I’m working on different
    computers at work. I use mainly one station but from time to time I have to
    change the place. On the ‘main’ station I’ve created a folder “important”,
    I’ve put few e mails in it and when I’m working on a different computer I
    can’t see the folder at all – how can I synchronize it? I have tried to
    find the emails I’ve placed there but I couldn’t find it at all – did I
    somehow deleted them?
    I will be very thankful if someone could help me with my problems.

  3. Hi there! Thank you very much for the videos. Is there a way to add email
    templates to quick steps? So I can access them much faster. I work in an
    environment where I have to use the same type of emails over and over again.

  4. Danijel Kramarić

    Excellent stuff!
    I’m Outlook user for more than a decade and by my opinion this is by far
    the most useful series of video clips about this subject I have seen.
    And now one question: What of that you presented in videos can be redone in
    Google Office tools (Gmail and Google Calendar) ? 

  5. Great video!!! many great ideas!!! I will start working on these techniques
    ASAP. Some questions for you and the rest of the subscribers:
    1- Do you keep categorizing emails through the day or you do this only at
    the beginning of your day?
    2- How much time should be spent categorizing emails? I support a lot of
    customers, and I get hundreds of emails daily, with a lot of action items I
    need to work on. I can picture myself spending hours categorizing them. I
    want to prevent spending too much time categorizing constantly. Maybe I’m
    missing some automation concepts…. 🙂
    Thank you!!!

  6. Debbie Montgomery

    I love this video, but my Outlook 2013 does not let me assign categories in
    the mail box. I only get categories in calendar and tasks!? any idea why?

  7. I had thought that I was using Outlook efficiently as I used some of these
    features but you have given me a new insight….great video!!!

  8. Do you know how to disable Alt + S auto-send shortcut key?
    I made terrible mistake at my job because of this stupid function.. I
    disabled CTRL+ENTER, but it is still not disabling ALT + S!! I would really
    appreciate your help. (I use OUTLOOK 2010)

  9. Great information. I will be spending my Labor Day weekend tackling my
    inbox of about 3,500 old emails and trying to get my sanity back! 

  10. This is exactly the type of help I have been looking for to help with my
    inbox! Thank you so much for producing this video. It has already
    immensely helped me out! I have one question. When I am in the .Action
    folder, is there any way to sort it by category, and then by conversation?
    That way I can view the thread of emails pertaining to that one issue, and
    then when I am ready to archive, i can click one and it will move all
    emails, just like the inbox. Thanks so much again!!!

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