Mark de Lange about ace&tate. This CEO gives a funny startup founder philosophy and some productivity tips. More on techtalks:…
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  1. Minna Palaquibay

    Thanks Kate for this video. I just discovered this technique of classifying
    tasks on my to do list and your video confirmed that. I also like and
    appreciate the timer tip – it forces you to focus for a good block of time
    and then take a break. I will definitely apply this to my day. Thanks
    again! Cheers!! 😉 

  2. Focus is definitely a problem in life, especially with online businesses.
    Thank for the tips & it does make sense to have a list and have them
    prioritized and to check them off when completed.

  3. I am reading that book at the moment 🙂 Great tips and thanks for sharing
    your screen to see how you apply it in the real world.

  4. A great breakdown of how to better manage our time to gain more
    productivity and focus on our goals, thanks a lot Randy!

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