1. i have live 8.0.7– in my buffer size i have two settings 1 is for input
    and the other one is for output…how would you recommend i set these to
    settings for rap vocals?

  2. Here’s a drinking game, take a drink every time he says um. You’ll be
    hospitalized by the end of the video.

  3. Thanks a lot! This is how tutorials should be, get to the point. This
    helped a lot! Thanks again. Peace. Luke Reddington

  4. GuitarrisimaUnclePat

    Excellent Video. I had a Focus Rite 2 for about 6 months and have not been
    able to use it due to a lack of a good tutorial video. You got it! thanks.
    Most of the tutorials jump right into recording as if everyone know the
    software fluently. They skip the BASICS. Thanks.

  5. PSMProjectVids

    software can be downloaded from M-Audio’s website. Ableton will handle
    pretty much any MIDI controller – depends on the manufacturers drivers. As
    a std KB, ableton will read anything considered a MIDI device.

  6. What is the keyboard shortcut to record? I’m using Live 8 and iMac (OSX
    10.7). I have tried using F9 AND f9+Fn and it doesn’t work. What am i doing

  7. i bought a m-audio piano 88es off of a friend. but he didnt have the
    software. what should i do. im thinking about buying the m-audio 61 keys.
    so i can get the software. will the 88es work too with that software??? i
    need answers.

  8. i have a problem when i m recording and i want to continue my record from
    the same chanel the voise erasing how i can stop this..please help and
    sorry for my bad english

  9. i have presonus usb interface and i adjust the the gain on interface around
    45. everytime i recorded vocal. the sound wave are very small and unhealthy
    wave. LOL any suggestion?

  10. difficult to fallow over “ugh,” x800 times. maybe a trained presenter could
    read a script and this can be very useful. it jsut takes practice, keep it
    up, and preview your videos prior to uploading. thanks for the ableton tips

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