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  1. Thanks Ed. Brian Tracy is excellent. Getting ready to start the Tony
    Robbins 30 day program at the end of the month.

  2. thanks for putting this out. It is important to stay positive and active
    in your life. This was very motivational for me.

  3. I have learned so much from watching your videos, i found my first woolrich
    and first pendelton shirt today! I love it when u do these motivational
    videos.. seriously inspires me every time i watch them, Gonna use your tips
    tomorrow before i head out to garage sales! Sheesh now im excited, again
    thank you so much 🙂

  4. and # 6 dont let haters get you down you look fine and all your tips have
    helped me bunches, You are such a good person and I am happy to know ya xo

  5. OUP Clothing, Vintage & Retro!

    good video Steve… nothing like spreading the positivity and motivation.
    It’s infectious! rock on man!

  6. this is an excellent video. you are so enthusiastic; it’s contagious. You
    have great ideas. Thanks for sharing them. 🙂

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