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Quick song writing tutorial on my song, Slán Abhaile. Song will be available for download at

  1. Casiano Kitagawa

    Hi!..i’m about to finish your workshop in less than about five minutes
    .From workshop 1 to 3, I’ve been so attentive on every words and
    everything. I feel so glad coz, i don’t need to attend the workshop
    personally, .The best thing i can do in return is to thank you Mr.
    Dvoskin..I’m picking up a lot of lesson from your workshop.I have a band ,
    and the members are my own children.,right now, after i watched your
    video, started my first single step towards a thousand journey of composing
    our own song.Might be in english or pilipino language..

    – Kitagawa band..-

  2. That is one thing which puzzles me; you have these classes for Music
    Business, Songwriting etc, and the one thing they fail to do is record the
    event properly. Though at the same time I guess they are only thinking of
    the Students who are there in the room for whom it sounds great and not for
    us cheapies watching it on youtube ha ha.

  3. PeaceLoveGoddess

    I would love to get my hands on the handout materials that they mention in
    these sessions. Any thoughts on how?

  4. Thats great thanks for the info. I did see a Berklee thing the other day
    and orgot to bookmark it so thanks or the reminder and the hint.

  5. A lot of info in these videos but the basic principles are not mentioned
    once. How verses and chorus work and then about bridges, and whether you go
    for verse, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge etc etc. Because thats what
    I want to know about. But a great class never the less. Larry seems like a
    nice enough guy to want to share his knowledge. (Please don’t listen to my
    youtube stuff Larry it really all sux)

  6. Tyler,, through Berklee, offers an excellent Songwriting Class
    that covers all the topics you mentioned and presents some very salient
    insights. Highly recommended (and free!)

  7. thanks for posting this… Larry’s approach is the best I’ve seen… I love
    how he puts a song together at the piano “off the cuff” so to speak… wish
    he’d hold some of these down in the Philly area

  8. Holy crap so thats where that song came from. I love it. I’m so glad I was
    able to watch these I’m surprised there isn’t more views

  9. the students all sound the same- this is because no real instruments are
    actually being used and everything always is dependent on a fake
    “sequencer” beat style I think.

  10. it’s an effect called compression. used to raise the level of the speakers
    voice because someone screwed up. it also raises the level of everything

  11. I think the most important idea from this lecture is the fact that every
    good idea can take MANY MANY different forms. Keep experimenting.

  12. SuperKnowledgeSponge

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    Geizers are in this stuff, many people that could also be polygraph tested,
    (Independent polygraph testers) because the police testers in my City of
    Halifax Nova Scotia are compromised, they cover up for child molesters, as
    I said commissionaires and C.S.I.S are heavily involved. All it will take
    is a few lie detector tests to prove these things. I will take them, and
    demand my mother and step father submit to them as well, it would be as
    easy as that. They’ve told me they won’t even attempt to lie on a polygraph.

    Please don’t consider this the ramblings of a crazy person, it is absolute
    truth. My life and the lives and freedom of many people are depending on
    this document. They say the world finding out about cloning will set the
    stage for the end of the world in 2012, they’re big into Nostradamus and
    prophecy,said I’m the Anti-Christ because he is supposed to have a powerful
    weapon of air (internet) and this letter I send everywhere over the
    internet is like a weapon over the airwaves and will cause armageddon But
    something must be done, you can’t understand unless you’ve been there just
    how terrible this is, the level of depravity and sub human cruelty is
    beyond anything that has ever been heard of and there is much more to tell,
    Ignore this and you condemn me to a horrible eventual death and will
    encourage them that they are all powerful. This is not an exaggeration, I
    don’t need to exaggerate, there is still much more to tell, Even President
    Obama is involved with these people, he and his wife go to these
    gatherings, they thought up a sick joke there, they and their
    administration set up a low level flight of air force 1 over New York city
    some time after the 9/11 world trade center bombings simply to terrify
    people!!! Just because they could. Told people afterwards it was a photo
    opportunity for they’re plane but no pictures were taken, they had the
    emergency calls of frightened people brought to the clone place, listened
    to them and laughed hysterically, people yelling out “Al qaeda has more
    planes calling emergency lines, lots of calls from terrified people. Then
    looked at me and said “Donny we are all powerful, If we can do this and
    nothing comes of it how are you going to be able to get us? You are our
    slave and the people here won’t speak up for you for fear of torture and
    death. Now make us a new song or we’ll gut you like a fish and leave you to
    writhe in agony”.

    This is so important, it’s all gods honest truth I swear to you, please
    help me for pity’s sake, I realize what this sounds like but I can only say
    what I know. It’s supposed to sound absurd, it’s they’re best defence,
    They’ve chained me to a cross and cut me up burned me and stuff, like a
    crucifixion with extra torture while they all watch blank faces, some
    crying some just staring at their feet, Some actually masterbate in their
    seats while this is going on and I’m screaming. They don’t seem to get
    tired of it, like its some kind of religious ceremony.

    My EMAIL ADDRESS IS – Message me please and I will
    tell you where I am and will tell everything in person on camera, will take
    lie detector tests myself and I have proof this is real… I will be
    tortured there badly for sending you this, I might die for blanketing the
    world with this message THIS IS NOT A CONSPIRACY THEORY,… it’s simply
    what is happening. What you are looking at right now is the most important
    document that has ever been put on the internet.

    Do nothing and allow them to continue to clone your children and sisters
    and wives sons, causing them to have learning disabilities unexplained
    depression and suicidal thoughts all kinds of side effects.

    this importance of this is so heavy people, it’s the most terrible thing in
    the world and this is your ONLY chance to do something about it, Don’t be
    afraid, help me help myself and others

    this is Part 1… I will make part 2 including the massive amount of names
    of people that go there , they’re going to make an example of me there to
    show what happens to people that talk about cloning, and have been, DO NOT

    I sincerely beg you.

    Donald Marshall

  13. Totally forgotten about Stock, Atiken and Waterman (haha) they were the pop
    masters in the late 1980s and, after hearing to their songs a lot of times,
    I realised their songs always have a fast background beat. Maybe tats the
    secret (at least back in the 1980s)?? O.o 

  14. Or the government chooses what they want us to hear and forces the
    billboards or MTV or any mainstream musical provider to provide songs
    provided by the government as means to control the masses. Catchy doesn’t
    mean good. 

  15. Earworm popsong? Just one? BSB~In a World Like This, Kelly
    Clarkson~stronger. Then there is KPOP; Jay Park~Welcome, Super Junior~No
    Other, Shinee~Everybody, Big Bang~Fantastic Baby, Tiny-g~ Miniminimo,
    Girl’s Generation~The Boys, BoA~Eat You Up, and lastly; Let it Go from
    Disney’s Movie ‘Frozen’. I have listened to that song so many times that I
    now know it in English, French and Korean. 

  16. that bastard has a net worth of 350 million dollars
    but he deserves it, at least he gets paid for he s talent, not for a pretty
    face and that bullshit

  17. I’ve never seen so many assholes in a comment section.

    It’s music.
    People like it.
    Your music taste are not above others.
    Get the fuck over yourself.

    A person who doesn’t give a shit about what kind of music people like.

  18. throw in a horoscope-like universal relatability and a few different
    optional lyric interpretations and you’ll be wearing gold plated diapers
    before you know it

  19. 1. Appearl to whatever teh social reformer cause is for that month.
    2. Repeat stuff, repeat stuff, repeat stuff.
    3. Make it be in second person
    4. have a single part fo teh sogn written really well that will get ti
    stuck in everyone’s head.

  20. I am a guitarist. My favorite music was always Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray
    Vaughan, Eric Clapton, that kind of stuff. Then I got into John Mayer. From
    him, I started to realize that having amazing talent on an instrument means
    absolutely nothing if you can’t write good songs around it. People vilify
    today’s pop music because the artist usually isn’t playing anything like a
    guitar/piano or whatever, and they chock it up to no talent. Hendrix wrote
    simpler stuff like Foxey Lady, Crosstown Traffic, Purple Haze because it
    would SELL. if he had it his way, chances are he would just play Machine
    Gun-esque hour long solos for every song because he loved blues and
    playing. But he KNEW if he wanted to “make it”, it took giving in a little
    bit and writing poppier stuff. Clapton did it (I shot the sheriff, Change
    the world), Stevie Ray Vaughan did it (Crossfire, Pride and Joy), man even
    Van Halen did it!! (Dance the Night Away, Dreams).

    “On Dark Side of the Moon, we had one goal: To get rich and famous.”- David
    Gilmour, Pink Floyd

  21. Songs by Max Martin:
    22 (Taylor Swift song)
    3 (Britney Spears song)
    4ever (The Veronicas song)
    Analogue (All I Want)
    As Long as You Love Me (Backstreet Boys song)
    …Baby One More Time
    Behind These Hazel Eyes
    Bigger (Backstreet Boys song)
    Birthday (Katy Perry song)
    Blow (Kesha song)
    Break You
    C’Mon (Kesha song)
    California Gurls
    The Call (song)
    Carry You Home
    Cinderella (Britney Spears song)
    Climbing The Walls
    Cloud Number Nine
    Criminal (Britney Spears song)
    ‘Cuz I Can (Pink song)
    Dancing Crazy
    Dark Horse (Katy Perry song)
    Daylight (Maroon 5 song)
    Dinosaur (Kesha song)
    DJ Got Us Fallin’ in Love
    Do You Know (What It Takes)
    Domino (Jessie J song)
    Don’t Cry for Pain
    Dynamite (Taio Cruz song)
    EBay (song)
    Electric (Leila K song)
    End of Me (Marion Raven song)
    E.T. (song)
    Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)
    Everything I’m Not
    Faith (Celine Dion song)
    Feels Like Tonight
    First Love (Jennifer Lopez song)
    For All That You Want
    Friday I’ll Be Over U
    Fuckin’ Perfect
    Gotta Be You (3T song)
    Here We Go (‘N Sync song)
    Hold It Against Me
    H cont.
    Hot n Cold
    I Don’t Believe You
    I Don’t Care (Apocalyptica song)
    I Don’t Think So
    I Got You (Leona Lewis song)
    I Got You (Nick Carter song)
    I Kissed a Girl
    I Knew You Were Trouble
    I Still…
    I Wanna Go
    I Want It That Way
    I Want You Back (‘N Sync song)
    I Will Be
    I Will Be There (Britney Spears Song)
    I’ll Never Stop
    I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman
    If I Had You (Adam Lambert song)
    If That’s OK with You
    If U Seek Amy
    In a World Like This (song)
    Inside Out (Britney Spears song)
    Into the Nightlife
    It’s All Your Fault
    It’s Gonna Be Me
    It’s My Life (Bon Jovi song)
    It’s the Things You Do
    Until the Time Is Through
    Just Want You to Know
    Kiss n Tell
    Larger than Life (song)
    Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)
    Legendary Lovers
    Let There Be Love (Christina Aguilera song)
    Let U Go (Ashley Parker Angel song)
    Light Up the World (song)
    Loser like Me
    Lucky (Britney Spears song)
    Lucky Love
    Marilyn Monroe (Nicki Minaj song)
    My Life Would Suck Without You
    One More Night (Maroon 5 song)
    The One That Got Away (Katy Perry song)
    The One (Backstreet Boys song)
    Oops!… I Did It Again
    Outta My Head (Leona Lewis song)
    Part of Me (Katy Perry song)
    Please Don’t Leave Me
    Problem (Ariana Grande song)
    Quit Playing Games (with My Heart)
    Raise Your Glass
    Right Type of Mood
    Roar (song)
    Scream (Usher song)
    Shape of My Heart (Backstreet Boys song)
    Show Me Love (Robyn song)
    Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely
    Siberia (song)
    Since U Been Gone
    Slam Dunk (Da Funk)
    Smile (Avril Lavigne song)
    So What (Pink song)
    Stay My Baby
    Stronger (Britney Spears song)
    Superhero (Gary Barlow song)
    Supernatural (Kesha song)
    Tearin’ Up My Heart
    Teenage Dream (Katy Perry song)
    That’s the Way It Is (Celine Dion song)
    This Is Love ( song)
    Till the World Ends
    Tonight I’m Getting Over You
    U + Ur Hand
    U Drive Me Crazy
    Up n’ Down (Britney Spears song)
    Va Va Voom
    Walking on Air (Katy Perry song)
    We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
    We’ve Got It Goin’ On
    What the Hell
    Whataya Want from Me
    When You’re Looking Like That
    Who Knew
    Wide Awake (Katy Perry song)
    Wish You Were Here (Avril Lavigne song)
    Wish You Were Here (Rednex song)
    With Ur Love
    (You Drive Me) Crazy

  22. if your not a girl you should probably hate pop music for the most part.
    POP MUSIC IS FOR femals BEcause they actually buy the music. because they
    put money into the artist they like, thats why pop music is girl oriented,
    ALL ya’ll that like rap and your a guy think about how much money your
    putting into the artist you listen to. probably nothing. Dont be mad that
    people dont make music for your taste. No one else is a realist here?

  23. Look up comedy channels video on this. They sing about 30 pop songs all
    meshed together that investigate this formula phenomena 

  24. Is it then normal to like music that is nearly or completely without
    lyrics? Or at least nowhere near pop. Examples; Two Steps From Hell, Enya,
    Secret Garden, Adrian Von Ziegler, Hans Zimmer, Vindsvept, Enigma,
    Gregorian, John Dreamer, Future World Music and many, many more. I’d listen
    to any of these, pretty much whichever music track they got to offer, over
    the most popular pop songs any day O_o 

  25. I hate the song Fancy, but my cousin loves it. Naturally we’ve argued about
    it and why it refuses to leave my brain, but at least now I know why. >_>

  26. if you look at the popularity of music only 1 in 3 people like pop, the
    rest like a verity.
    so stop blasting the highly repetitive crap, every were I go. with the
    combination lobotomised radio host, and the incredibly repetitive lyrics,
    an mp3 player is a must. 

  27. nah, pop songs are just about looking good and making lots of money, not
    the music at all. The actual music sounds like crap anyway, but who cares
    about that? If you LOOK good, that’s all that matters, you’ll make millions
    no matter how shitty your music is. I make my own music, but I make it for
    people who actually care about the songs, not for money or looks.

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