Steinberg Cubase VST-32/5.1 Complete Tutorial #02: Your First Audio Recording

Steinberg Cubase VST-32/5.1 Complete Tutorial #02: Your First Audio Recording A comprehensive video tutorial for Cubase VST 32/5.1 demonstrating the ins and …
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  1. Not bad. But stop ending your sentences like your asking a question!!!
    Even when you give an instruction its sounds like your asking me something.
    Couldn’t even make it past 3min very annoying……….

  2. It was simple and expiremental but sounded really relaxed! Thanks for the
    good tutorial and keycommands!

  3. i’d like to do more smiths lessons soon, they’re still one of the bands i
    listen to pretty often (along with Joy Division and Wu Tang Clan) … i’ll
    send you the playlist i made with the lessons i’ve done so far … “I won’t
    Share you ” is a great track, i’ll try to make that soon

  4. no, i dont even have a computer but i wish i did, you seem like a really
    cool guitar teacher and ur actually my fav on youtube btw what state do u
    live in?

  5. This was really interesting and fun to watch. You can really tell you were
    influenced by The Smiths, I thought of them before I read the description.
    xD It’d be cool to see one of your ideas go from this, through the whole
    song process. It made me wanna try it 🙂

  6. Throughout the video, I use the ‘loop’ feature. It’s not available in some
    of the earlier versions of GarageBand. I was recording into a Yeti mic,
    which is a basic USB mic. Just make sure you wear headphones when recording
    multiple tracks, so you don’t get feedback. Let me know if this doesn’t
    make sense and I’ll try to clarify more.

  7. it’s not blurry, i just checked … your internet speed is probably slow.
    it should default to 480p if you have a decent connection and you can click
    the little gear icon and do 720p if you want to make it HD. hope you
    rewatch it on faster connection:)

  8. i tried to start a band a few times, but it never worked out … but i’ve
    always written a lot of songs on my own or with others and would still like
    to play in a band at some point … glad you liked this lesson and the song
    idea:) do you have garageband?

  9. Hey Patrick, I’m not quite sure what you’re asking. Could you reference the
    time in the vid? I may have just deleted part of the track or switched to a
    different take without the voice. I know I messed up and was talking at one

  10. thanks for the compliment:) i live in san diego, california … if you can
    save up for a computer, it would be totally worth it, i’d say almost more
    than getting a good amp or guitar, because recording is so fun and

  11. glad you enjoyed the vid:) i could do some more like this and try to
    develop the ideas more. i also use another program called ableton live,
    which is pretty cool. i definitely love the Smiths a lot. this song turned
    out a bit like their stuff largely because of the ‘dream pop’ effect that i
    used. do you own a mac? garageband is so easy and amazing, especially with
    that looper feature, you should definitely try working on some of your own

  12. Ha, I’ve never heard that one before. Chael Sonnen is an intense and funny
    guy in interviews. I can’t remember what he was saying in interviews after
    that last Silva fight, but I remember getting a kick out of it.

  13. Hi..At 7:07…you make an adjustment on your settings and are able to play
    and hear your pre-recorded tracks while laying a new accoustic guitar
    track. I have a MacBook Pro with only 1 audio port which can seemingly only
    allow you to either input a voice/ instrument OR output a track in
    GarageBand. I am playing thru an M Audio Fast Track interface device from
    either my microphone or electric guitar and cannot figure out how to listen
    to a pre-recorded track whilst recording a new track.

  14. also, how did you delete you voice that was recorded when you were saying
    the chords you were playing? ( G D C D )

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