We all have various tasks and projects that we need to complete each day, week and month, yet it can be difficult to manage the individual tasks in ongoing p…
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http://www.worldofleveldesign.com/store/streamlined-level-design.php 3 Tips to begin using right now to increase the time, quality and the effort you put int…

  1. Hi,, Im a UK Sringpad user thinking of developing Springpad for use at
    work. Can you confirm any major firms in the UK or US who use Springpad as
    an organisational tool ( not to just sell products and services ) Also
    direct me to people using Springpad to educate or train adults. ? many
    thanks Richard. 

  2. The first tip is in my opinion the most effective, i remember when i was
    going through a level design training that was the main key to the whole
    creative and designing process, focusing and avoiding multi-tasking during
    one hour ! I’m subscribing ! Thank’s for sharing knowledge !

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