INFORMAZIONI · · · · · · · Il primo tutorial di questa piccola serie su come ho registrato finora i miei soundlog. I tutorial si divideranno ne…

  1. Joey, thanks so much for this help here!…I’m mainly a Solo singer and
    have over 100 YouTube videos with my ZOOM H4n recorder, but could never
    quite attain a very clear Vocal sound…I was recently advised to use
    Audacity and I’ve been experimenting with EQ settings, but just couldn’t
    get what you now taught me…REALLY appreciate it…I’ll soon be recording
    a ZOMBIES (Rod Argent) 1968 Hit Cover song, “TIME OF THE SEASON” where I
    will incorporate Audacity for the very first time…I have a very good
    feeling about how the AUDIO will NOW, finally come out…

  2. how to make all audio file the same level of sound ?
    my sound track has low sound and high sound but i need to edit the whole
    track to be one level 

  3. I like the video in general. But if you could stop using zooming in and out
    when you do screen capturing it would be so much better.

  4. How would you clean up the audio of a very low quality recording with noise
    in the background very noticable. I don’t have a good microphone and
    sometimes I think my computer mic is better than my actual recording
    microphone. So how would one make it sound a bit better. Thanks

  5. Great job on this video. Composing music is my life and I always wanted to
    become a musician. I have already created some songs and I am really close
    to achieve my dream. After losing countless hours with inadequate software
    I finally found the #1 software for music creation for the new year. You
    can find a link to this beat making program on my channel. go check it out.

  6. Thank you for this tutorial, it’s very useful! But I wondered: is there a
    way to cut off the frequencies where your voice sounds more nasal? I heard
    it was like 800-1k Hz but I’m not sure.

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