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Video Rating: 4 / 5

Music Plus presents the first in a series of music tutorials. This first video will concentrate on songwriting and features Robert Shields (Finding Albert) w…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

  1. I have such a great buildup for a song, but I can’t figure out what I
    should do 4 the drop. Just to say, I’m also a rookie @ this

  2. i dont know why but i’ve never heard most of the expressions you use with
    music but it just made sence, thanks guys this helped alot

  3. You guys rock, If I saw this when I started producing so much of my
    questions would have been answered… This is so importand, and most people
    don’t know this really. Thanx alot for your toturials! ;)

  4. Lol, check out Fudge It – Don’t Do That on soundcloud, someone has already
    sampled dodge saying “Don’t Fucking Do That” from this video and made a
    dirty dubstep song of it :DD

  5. “OUTTRO”??? Good thing these guys are great producers because their
    spelling is shit! lol Still two of my fave dub arteests! lol

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