Songwriting tutorial 4 Part Hook--Homework Assignment -Beatclass

Songwriting tutorial 4 Part Hook–Homework Assignment -Beatclass Download a tutorial Now!
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How To Play A Jazzy Ending Piano Songwriting Tutorial Music Theory I wanted to share with you one possible jazz ending that could be used in your songs. You can transpose this transition into an…
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  1. creativeguitarstudio

    This weeks Guitar Lesson: “Advanced Melodic Phrasing.”

    Handout will be available on: Sunday September 7th, 2014
    SONGWRITING: Advanced Melodic Phrasing

  2. creativeguitarstudio

    This weeks lesson examines the top three concepts involved with advanced
    phrasing techniques for songwriting. Advanced Melodic Phrasing ideas
    revolve around technical devices, rhythmic meter and melody manipulation.
    In the video lesson I demonstrate eight examples covering these areas.
    Enjoy the lesson!

  3. Your videos have taken my playing to a higher level. I have a lot of
    musical ideas that I wouldn’t have had without the information you provide.

  4. Very helpfull!!! the melody at the beggining….WOW so catchy! thanks for
    the lesson, time to practice 🙂 liked and shared (y)

  5. You have pretty smart ways to explain… Always enjoyed your lessons and
    understood them perfectly. I’m from Argentina! Spanish speaker

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