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  1. that battle studie’s assassin remix was fuckin brilliant,….he needs to do
    that type of stuff that pops up ya know.. :D

  2. I agree with alot he says, but there are also songwriters who are great at
    writing melodies but are not great players. Country songwriters use three
    chords. I think what he says works in his style

  3. I think he proves a valuable point, that nobody, however successful their
    songs are, can actually explain how to write a successful song. 

  4. I think there’s a very cynical way you could look at this video. Yeah, I
    agree you either “have it or you don’t” but even if you have it, sometimes
    it’s hard to channel or understand what it all means and what to do with.
    Or how to keep it going etc…I kinda doubt I’d ever go to a music school
    but I’m glad to see that they get people to really stress that is a “Feel

    It’s not about stressing with the formulas and the scales. It’s music, not
    math. I guess it can be a bit of both but ultimately, honest music really
    comes from what you’re expressing and I think that’s something that is
    missed down the line sometimes.

    Good luck to any musicians out there. Embrace the ups and downs! That’s my
    2 cents…

  5. TenThumbs Productions

    “Go home and get a feel on it.” Too much time is spent looking at the black
    and white, throw a drum beat on and let it happen. Nice. 

  6. This entire video and Mayer’s songwriting theory is based on the common
    misconception that you can LEARN to write songs. You either have it or you
    don’t. The rest of this is bullshit.

  7. “Start thinking about hitting it on a vertical level, hitting it on a depth
    level.”… That has to be the most profound and useful advice I have ever
    heard about songwriting. Thank you John Mayer.

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