Shelby Collinge Interview Author of “Walking with the Wise” Shelby Collinge unveils her top success and productivity tips. Learn how Adam Holland was able to produced enough results online in one month, so he would be able take the entire month off for the …

  1. I have so many questions and why not ‘ s, you should, you would of, you
    can’t especially by yourself, but you would of a few years ago, your to
    slow now, your sick and can’t keep up, what if your sick for a month who
    would help, you would of never took NO YOU CAN’T for an answer a 3 years
    ago why now? Yes, that keeps me up at night swirling in my head
    around-the-clock. So how do you decide when your going to jump in and what
    projects to do first. Or maybe create whatever you do best at first list
    those items, and then make as you sell. Because I know there are many
    other’s that can’t afford or have the space to do a large inventory. I have
    found that it doesn’t matter what you put out there someone always wants a
    different color, shape or price range. Then right there is another problem
    prices, I can never get it right , and my husband tells me ” it’s took you
    this and this much time you got to make up for your time or you’ve got to
    much time in that project you’ll never make the money back”. I just want to
    scream ” SHUT THE FRONT DOOR ! “.

  2. Michelle Kennedy

    Thanks so much for your tips! I am in the making of posting my paintings on
    Etsy and would love some guidance on how to schedule through out the week
    to be successful. To keep myself motivated I wake up and bike/walk on the
    treadmill every morning. While I do that I bring my ipad so I can youtube
    inspiring art how-to videos, read more about Etsy, and look up Etsy youtube
    videos such as yours. =)

  3. mylittledarling 14

    Oh my gosh just the other day i was searching for tips on working from
    home, yours have been the most helpful!
    New subscriber! 

  4. Your videos are so so helpful! I have a self owned business myself and i’m
    sorta still a beginner. Getting deeper into shipping items and packaging,
    showing and advertising your products more and even having your own work
    space is the very important things that makers need and need to know how to
    do. Since i’ve been panicking out lately because i have things to ship out
    but i never actually realized, what a process things actually are if you’re
    not prepared! Your videos are so helpful and i’ve learned a lot of tips and
    tricks from you! Thanks! I hope your business gets bigger and bigger, keep
    up the good work!

  5. I work from home too and I’m using the same tips as you are 🙂 but I don’t
    have my own office, I wish I had! 

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