Simple but effective Samsung Galaxy tips (S2, S3, S4, Note, Active)
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  1. Do you usually have a set goal when you want to sell the item by? Like if
    you bought an item today, do you give it 2 weeks/1 month and so on? When do
    you drop the price if the item doesn’t sell? Or what do you do if the item
    doesn’t sell within certain period? Thank you so much.

  2. Hi, Regarding the Dropbox, do you only store ebay or amazon items in
    Dropbox or personal/family photos too? Do you subscribe higher capacity GB
    storage service? Thank you.

  3. I am not paying $70 a month for a smart phone. Would be handy sometimes
    however the cost far out ways the benefits, at least for me.

  4. It depends on what I’m shopping for, I suppose. Most of the time I just use
    my gut.. I’m pretty good at seeing money where others don’t. 🙂 Thanks for

  5. There’s ‘budget’ smart phones around my area, I only pay $40 a month How do
    you cross-reference when you’re out in the field without a smartphone?

  6. I have a dilemma. Tell me wut you think: I want to start doing videos, but
    I’m kinda iffy on sharing my “secrets” or whatever, wary of others becoming
    my competition. What do you think? How do you feel about it? You do videos,
    so I’m sure you don’t worry too much about it…

  7. Oh, I have more than enough to list 50 items a day.. haha.. Inventory is
    never the problem in my business. It’s always the sales funnel.

  8. I try to as much as I can… I don’t always make the 50 listing cut off,
    but that’s the goal I set for myself. haha. Thanks for watching!

  9. I price as I list… I search SOLD listings, then find one that sold for a
    good price, click “Sell Similar” and use their category information and
    other automatically inserted info, and pop in my description and go from
    there. I don’t spend a whole lot of time researching price on common items.
    I find a ballpark and go there. It’s more important for me to move
    inventory than to get the absolute most money for each item.

  10. I suppose that depends on what you use your smart phone for.. I cover the
    cost of my $214 phone bill on a regular basis with just 1 or 2 items that I
    wouldn’t have bought via retail arbitrage without the ability to scan or
    research on the fly.. My phone makes, or saves, me more money than almost
    every other tool I use, hands down. Thanks for watching!

  11. If you’re only listing 50 items per month, stick with the normal eBay
    account and get scheduling for free and (most likely) 50 free listings per
    month. You only pay when you sell that way, and I believe it’s a flat 10%
    now (plus another 3% from paypal if you’re accepting money that way). Hope
    that helps!

  12. Picking Las Vegas

    This app is awesome I started using this app in the reverse of the way you
    use it I have my girlfriend take the pictures with a smartphone and they
    automatically upload to my computer and I post them from my pc

  13. You definitely are multitasking! Wow 50 listings a day? I can’t wrap my
    head around that yet. Well at least I know how to multitask. I’m writing
    this as I’m sleeping! HaHa! Thanks for your advice! 🙂

  14. Yeah, I do that sometimes too.. I’ve actually started doing that more and
    more from my storage units.. Just take the pics there and when I get home I
    have them already.

  15. Yeah, that’ll happen if you have a ton of stuff on your phone like me..
    haha. I basically use it as a portable flash drive, without having to lug
    around an actual flash drive. 🙂 Hope that helps.

  16. nice2you2PickerOhio

    Thanks for the tip! I forgot I have the drop box app. I need to just use
    it! Really hard for me to see on my iphone grrrrr needing bifocals along
    with my prescription ! Enjoy your 30’s ! Your 40’s can get rough with
    needing bifocals! My husband never needed glass now he need bifocals too !

  17. Do you have an ebay store over just listing single items and do you feel
    it’s worth it if you can only make time to list like 50 items a month ? I
    have a big family and with work keeping me busy 50ish hours a week
    (construction) I have little time to do what I enjoy which is selling items
    on ebay and crls.

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