this week I chose to do a tutorial on different reverb effects and the settings they have on them to adjust. Last couple weeks my viewers have said the volum…
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  1. Dude theres a lot of hurting people in the world so people can totally dig
    the lyrics of this song on a sunny day…even fiend for them. Dude I just
    checked your myspace and you are sooo talented man…truly a real musician!
    The only thing I feel like isnt up to par is your vocals man…you go for a
    sound that matches the music but your voice just doesnt pull it off…you
    have the effort but not the right voice…I bet if you tried singing
    different you’d nail perfection. Great stuff!

  2. I like your advice about using gibberish before coming up with the final
    lyrics. It’s a good trick!

  3. actually this is one of the best original songs i’ve heard on youtube. of
    course you’re not able to make it really shine here, but i can hear there’s
    something in it. great chord progressions and a strong melody. would like
    to hear it with a pro arrangement and everything.

  4. If this doesn’t help anyone, atleast it was funny. I like your ideas though
    Jonathan.. i’ll try out your theory when I get home from work 😛 im in the
    middle of writers block central.. totally bites and its been like 5 weeks.

  5. yes, you should upload all 68 of them lol. I know i’d like to hear them!
    Original songs are awesome to hear. It’s cool to think too that at the
    moment that they’re up for the public to hear, not everyone will hear. Not
    everyone will listen, and not everyone will care. Those are the best times
    for a song I think. Anything after that is just pressure. I guess. But
    yeah, upload them!

  6. The melody in your songs are just sounds AMAZING…do you have any music I
    can download to check out your skills?

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