Recording an audio podcast and adding bumper music is fairly easy. Watch this tutorial and see how you can easily record and edit an audio mp3 file for inclu…
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  1. Thanks a lot lot lot, I dont about ohter guys who say it does not work for
    them, i followed what you said and it works, espacially the last part when
    you said after all configuration you must select Record from microphone.

  2. Help! When I right click to show disabled devices, it does not bring up
    stereo mix, I don’t seem to have that option on my Windows 7 home premium,
    does anyone know why?

  3. chescoMproductions

    i followed everthing step by step the only problem is i get a delay feed
    back . sometype of disturbing noise how do i fix this??? :/

  4. Icehair's Game Experiments

    I’ve watched several videos and this was the first one that got anything
    working for me! Even the typed-up instructions in the description field
    says you should use the ‘record from speakers’ rather than from microphone
    – and that just doesn’t seem to work for whatever reason. Maybe change
    that? Anyway, THANKS!

  5. @TheWoncler need help it records my sound completely but the issues is the
    sound is very low like i have to turn ym speakers up all the way to hear it

  6. @NWforager I don’t think so :/ You just have to turn speakers very loud, or
    record from speakers first and add it to the video. And in this video if
    you looked carefully, I changed the input source for microphone. So even if
    you choose “Record audio from microphone”, it’ll record audio from

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