Recording an audio podcast and adding bumper music is fairly easy. Watch this tutorial and see how you can easily record and edit an audio mp3 file for inclu…
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  1. please can you mentioned the sound mixer/recorder brand used in the video
    and few good quality multi mic options.

  2. Grega Drobnič

    can you show us how to record sound when there are more then one person in
    video, while they have a conversation? should we use just one shotgun mic?
    does it stay on the same place through the whole conversation or does it
    move? and how should it move?

  3. currently do my bachelors in audio engineering just watched ur tutorial and
    it was great, informative, clear and helpful, thanks keep up the good work

  4. My student forwarded me this link and I was shocked.

    1. Third tip is wrong. Position is very important. Every position has a
    different sound, different room tone and different response on dialogue.
    2. Lav mics shouldn’t be placed upside down to prevent plossives.
    3. Frequency is different from Sampling rate.
    4. dbfs should be used instead of db because digital is full scale.
    5. Don’t rely on headphones? Are you kidding us? No wonder the guy on the
    video isn’t wearing one.

    God, research on your subject before posting a tutorial. You’ve already
    polluted the minds of 15,000 people. And your kind kills people on post
    sound all around the globe.

    No offense, the video is good but the content is ridiculously useless.

    Audio people, if you really want to learn the good stuff try
    or something similar. Not Youtube.

  5. Bravo. Intelligent, well worded, great information. Audio was nice, loved
    the peaceful karate type movies at the end with the boom mic. Great job.

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