– one of the best way to be more productive is to be healthy & full of en…

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  1. Great tip, Lynn. Hopefully this week, when I can’t power through, will log
    off and go play my favorite outdoor activity – tennis. The energy from
    that, should help with my productivity for the next day. Thanks.

  2. iAmThatGuyJohn

    @lynnterry Actually yes. A couple VB.NET tutorials, show of work and a new
    product on its way. By the way Lynn, I went 8-2 that night at the pool
    hall. Not bad, for me. lol

  3. So true. I find that trying to work in the evening just isn’t productive
    for me. I’m tired and I end up doing more harm than good. If I find that
    I’m dragging during the day, a quick 10 minute power nap works wonders too.

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