In this first video tutorial we are going to show you how to configure the audio engine and record guitar live in Rack Performer. …
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Mastering-Technik zur Lautheit und Frequenzanpassung. Benutzung von Loudness Maximizer, Master-EQ’s für einen ausgeglichenen Sound auf allen Tonanlagen (HiFi…
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  1. Thanks again for including me +Marcello Pedalino – you do such great work
    and I know your clients love you and you are UBER productive! 

  2. WeddingDJBusiness

    Always good to hear some advice on managing time. My favourite one is in
    the morning write your goals for the day on a piece a paper (no ipads just
    plain paper:) and it’s amazing how much more productive your day will be
    usually achieving more than you have written. It usually only takes a few
    minutes to do this.

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