In this first video tutorial we are going to show you how to configure the audio engine and record guitar live in Rack Performer. …
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Mastering-Technik zur Lautheit und Frequenzanpassung. Benutzung von Loudness Maximizer, Master-EQ’s für einen ausgeglichenen Sound auf allen Tonanlagen (HiFi…
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  1. Is all music production done like this with computers or are mixing desks
    still in use. I like personally the style of production like in the John
    Lennon imagine documentary, if you have seen it ?

  2. TW12 Jazz Festival, Jazz At Retro, Prison Break, Terence Collie Pianist

    Thanks for making this vid. Great fun!

  3. Another POP singer ! Yeah why not , fuck education , fuck science , fuck
    buildings , ships and other stuff , just SING SONGS.Songs will build for us
    New World 

  4. Very interesting worflow demonstration.
    But I’ve got to say, this song has one of the randomest progression I’ve
    heard so far…
    And gosh the gal is annoying, she’s just being a distraction in the studio.
    Why can’t people let professionals work, instead of making all sort of
    distractions all the time ?

  5. I am an expert in music productionand audio mixing. After losing countless
    hours with inadequate programs I found the #1 software for music creation
    ever created. You can find a link to this beat making program on my
    channel. go check it out.

  6. DEAD FLY! On my Floor! …Couldn’t do without that!!! Fucking hairyarse!
    One direction are dogshit! Did you see the little boy from One direction
    pretend to play the guitar on stage not realizing it’s not plugged in?!
    L00k: Fucking funny man!
    Ok, lets see you reproduce a track by Portishead then old bean! Like ‘Over’
    or ‘Humming’ what! I think I’d need about 3 months to analyze it first LOL!
    Great video though. It’s great you can play by ear. But a shame you don’t
    put all this into your own material. I reckon you’d have some cool guitar
    licks old stalk! 😉 Better than gettin’ licked up by One Direction what!
    Heeyuk heeyuk heeyuk! Rahhhhhhhhhh!

  7. ColdCash Capone

    lol im glad one direction is trash talked during this. she should worry
    about originals and not waste time on covers. she does have a great voice

  8. @Elias Birnbaum i cant reply to linked comment. i dont currently have any
    tutorials about the programmes i use, sorry!

  9. Elias Birnbaum

    what are the programs that you use in your recording studio? Do you have
    any videos of tutorials of the programs you use? 

  10. Are these worth watching if I use ableton and not logic? they seem
    extremely in depth and informative and i feel like i should watch them.
    does anyone know of a similar masterclass series but with the use of
    ableton instead?

  11. AstroGamerSteve

    I may have misunderstood you. As long as you can change the settings on
    everything you have in your template to fit different situations, yes a
    template can be useful.

  12. Wicked tutorial and great info for anyone producing not just house music,
    but electronic in general. Many thanks….

  13. BigCityPalooka

    ENORMOUSLY helpful. One can see the constraints you were under to do it all
    in such a short time, but even so, this is possibly the single most helpful
    mixing tutorial I have ever seen. You have a gift for explaining your
    motivation for doing things, in a way that describes fine details while
    keeping the big picture clear, which is a really rare gift. THANK you ever
    so much for taking the time to do this. Quite generous of you, and I’m
    grateful. Best of luck to you in your life and work!

  14. @DjDannYL yeah, cos you can just follow it up inside of FL. it doesnt
    matter that DAW sequencer you use, aslong as your cumfy using it. 😉

  15. Having now watched all of the Masterclass videos, I can safely say this
    series of videos are a must see for anyone wanting to make music using a

  16. TheProductionLounge

    Also, moving the slider in the Tape Delay to ‘75%’ will produce a dotted
    note. For a Triplet you need to move the slider to ‘33%’.

  17. I don’t have Max OS, I have Windows 7. So my question is: what is the most
    resembling software to Logic, that runs on Windows?

  18. Hi Dean, thanks, it’s a really nice tutorial but at 04:51 you set up a
    Dotted Delay not a Triplet Delay, just in case 😉 Again thank you for the
    MasterClass Vids, I learnt a lot.

  19. Actually my question is: if we use other producing softwares like Fruity
    Loops, is there any sense in watching this tutorial?

  20. MyNameis2long4youtub

    They’re good for starting new songs and not having to waste time making
    those effects again for each song. I guess they’re not for everyone, but I
    think it’s worth it in the long run.

  21. @greedyone75 all those groups will then go to a pre master fader which is
    just another group which everything goes to so u could say filter the whole
    song etc without having filters on the master

  22. @DjDannYL Actually, what I need is another software that I can use for
    following this tutorial, so it must be as similar to Logic as possible. Any

  23. AstroGamerSteve

    Not if you want to perfect your song. Every instrument will need slightly
    different EQ for example, based on what they provide for the song and it
    changes with every situation. It may save time, but you certainly don’t get
    the best result. Just learn what everything does and THAT will be worth it
    in the long run.

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