Why waste time signing and scanning documents as PDFs when you can easily add a signature to an existing PDF using Adobe reader? This tutorial explains how t…
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  1. Nie uprawiaj multitaskingu.
    Masz wrażenie, że robisz więcej, ale po prostu tak się nie da. Nie da się
    zrobić dobrego obiadu jednocześnie krojąc cebulę, pomidory, a drugą ręką
    gotując makaron …?

  2. I need help. Tried every shit I’ve seen from this video and around the
    internet. Still procrastinating and lazy as fuck.

  3. Ravishankar Ramanathan

    Science of Productivity :

    Pretty comprehensive take on the popular subject in 3 minutes.

    Plan tasks
    Set Deadlines
    Track progress

  4. Can some people not have this ‘zeigarnik effect’? No matter what I do, if I
    want to start a project e.g. writing, I start it and then never get the
    urge to continue with it. Is there an explanation for this?

  5. *How productive are you?*
    *just get to work already!*

    I myself have been guilty of constantly staying in “prep” mode. You buy
    pens, print out paperwork, get a desk, a phone, a new work number…and
    just keep doing things to make you feel “officially” in business, when all
    you really need to do is just *GET TO WORK.*

    These days, I live my life from lists. First thing in the morning, I create
    my list and then throughout the day I kill it. I shut off all distractions,
    I turn on Focus@will(https://www.focusatwill.com) and go to work.

    I work in 90 to 120 minute chunks. In between I will go for a
    walk…stretch…eat a snack…eat lunch etc and just completely unplug.
    This method has increased my productivity by leaps and bounds. It is
    amazing how much more you accomplish by being focused…

    So, before we get going on marketing, get yourself in work mode. Learn how
    to be productive! Have you ever found yourself in “prep” mode?

  6. Thanks AsapScience! I’m gonna apply the whole, breaking a large task into
    smaller task for my new job and my work out training. I’m a newly hired
    home appliance sales men, so to learn about fridges, stoves, washers,
    dryers, and dishwashers. Comparing features/brands/product
    insurance/leasing/ect. Plus with my workout routine I want to run a 27 mile
    marathon, and slowly building my mileage, well balancing working a 40 hour
    a week job. Thanks I’ll learn to break things down to smaller bits. 🙂
    Instead of being overwhelm and not getting anywhere. Thanks again!

  7. Can you awnswer me honestly, how much your channel earn at month? i’m
    studing lic. in AudioVisual Media. i’m really interesting on produce
    videos, animations, and live with that. Have a nice day, i hope you answer.

  8. I am a really good worker and very productive. I lost everything because of
    an arrogant, selfish and heartless person that was so greedy and wanted
    success so bad, he trampled on me and doesn’t even know me. In the end, I
    would bet a million dollars that anyone that is a huge success, cheated and
    lied. The guy that did it to me had gone to school for computer and
    psychology. Oh and he has no soul. Just listen to your inner voice. You all
    know what you have to do to be productive. You don’t need no dick telling
    you what you need to do. He prolly doesn’t even follow his own advice and
    would do anything to get what he wants. I’d bet my life on it!!!!!

  9. Great video, Gavin! Your videos are getting better and better. I can
    recommend The Six Pillars of Self Esteem by Nathaniel Branden to work on
    those limiting beliefs.

  10. Procrastination – Stop Procrastinating And Use These Productivity Tips To
    Get More Done
    The Secret Movie & Law Of Attraction – The 3 LOST Steps To Making It WORK!

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