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  1. The Landscaping Employee Trap

    Great video Jeff!

    I myself suffer from the “OCD Loop”.

    Read your book it was awesome.

    I working in my ebook and productizing my knowledge NOW.

    My 10 video entrepreneurs pack will be available for digital download this

    Thanks Jeff.


    You also told me that the most powerful thing you can do is go to live

    Well, I did.

    From Michigan to Kentucky and it changed my online business…


    Keith Kalfas

  2. Thanks Jeff!
    When I make my mission list (to do) the evening before or 1st thing on the
    I am usually “Laser Focused” that day.
    and I do limit my self and “force” my self and say: “Ok, Click the X and
    get out of FaceBook now… or Email…”
    And Thanks Again.

  3. Jeff, like you, I have a morning routine that includes yoga. My family &
    friends also know that if something is important, they had better call me
    on my home phone, as I don’t check my text messages until I’m ready to!

  4. This is so me…I definitely get caught up in the loop (e-mail, stats,
    social media, back to e-mail, etc.)

    Thinking I need to start changing some things.

    Any thoughts/ideas?


    The Online “OCD Loop” (And 3 Tips For Increasing Your Productivity)

  5. I use Time Doctor to stay on task. It pops up and asks “are you on a break
    or are you working?” When I go to Facebook or YouTube 🙂 oops!

  6. Fantastic video and very very relevant
    On a different note Jeff, will you be releasing PLF again any time soon?
    I read Launch and want to go way deeper with the PLF

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