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  1. Been watching your videos all the time, also reading all your posts. I do
    enjoy your content and it does help a lot. I would like to ask you if you
    could do a post or video on Analysis Paralysis. Not sure if you are facing
    that problem or have any knowledge on it, but it would help a lot of people
    and is pretty common for Internet marketers, also I do have a problem with
    it. It’s funny that you can sometimes be too smart and have too much
    Thanks Malan for being such a great guy.

  2. I remember spending my first $100 online at Clickbank, refreshing every 30
    seconds due to my naivety. “Anxiety button” is absolutely correct! It was
    the craziest emotional rollercoaster of my life. I later understand the
    importance of this lesson and it made my life significantly less stressful.
    Thank you so much for these videos Malan! 

  3. “I move on to doing other fun things with my day.” <-- lotta wisdom here. 🙂 Also, I operate in a very similar way re: meetings/calls.

  4. The Enlightener101

    Damn! All you people wait for 15mins+ while I only wait for 5-10mins if
    he/she doesn’t show up I am going back to my gaming hub. Well that explains
    everything why I don’t have many friends. 

  5. Someone once told me,
    Being late is a version of stealing.
    You steal lifetime from people, which is the most valuable currency there

    I also wait 15 mins. I often call/text them so they won’t forget. If they
    don’t reply to me and they are late, I’m out.

  6. I had a few job interviews where the manager kept me waiting past 15mins
    smh. I stayed though because I was desperate for a job lol

  7. CESAR CASTRO Jarochelo

    I meet people at my place. That way I don’t waste time waiting or
    walking/driving from other places in case they don’t show up. 15 mins is

  8. Great question ! Normally I wait for 15 minutes for a meeting… and for a
    phone meeting I don’t care, it means that I answer if I have time even if
    it’s 8 hours later. In normal time, I never answer to phone calls… ring
    and vibrator are always out and I have no internet connection in my phone.
    My customers have to know someone around me to reach me.

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