During The Next Web Conference 2013 we asked people what was their best productivity tip. Some are quite surprising and should inspire you!

  1. @BonesDGAF021 how do you really feel, I am uncertain… actually you are
    correct. nice job explaining, pointed, gramatically correct and explicit.
    go pick out a prize from the third shelf, maybe a nice set of knifes

  2. The more “wrong” your songwriting is, the more potential you have to
    eventually create something truly special and unique. The more you let a
    computer database of clich├ęs write your songs for you..well..the more you
    will still suck! Trust me people: MUSIC is much bigger than a #1 hit that
    sounds the same as every other #1 hit released in the past 10 yrs… All of
    this stuff about taking the dedication out of music is creating a class of
    anti-musician. Musicians LOVE to write their own songs.

  3. @BonesDGAF021 I can totally see how this might look like a stupid idea but
    google Barry DeVorzon, creator of MasterWriter 2.0 and u might have a
    different opinion. Some of the greatest song writers in history used
    rhyming dictionaries & were lousy spellers Haha! I’m horrible at staying
    organized so this looks like a good idea to me. I do get those songs that
    seem to drop out of the sky often but other times need to work at them for
    some time to get ’em just right To each his own though Peace

  4. @BonesDGAF021 this program isn’t supposed to be a machine that writes your
    songs for you, it’s just supposed to help you expand your vocabulary or
    maybe give you some new words or phrases to work with or inspire you to
    work on your own thing. eminem studied the dictionary to have the entire
    english language at his disposal. this is the exact same thing only more

  5. @alexlikesblue I agree, but it may be helpful is you’re having a bit of a
    brain block. Just to help you along a bit, you don’t have to use it

  6. This will make music fake. I mean what real musician will use a program to
    write lyrics? That is just pathetic.

  7. I’d honestly recommend this program to anybody that writes songs or poetry.
    It’s fantastic! This program by NO MEANS writes for you or takes away
    creativity, In fact I believe it does the opposite. For one, The way it
    keeps all of your work together nice and neatly is worth it alone. It’s got
    a rhyme finder, dictionary, thesaurus, etc. built in. Which only helps me
    express myself more than I could before…

  8. soon someone will create software that can turn your farts into full
    orchestration….. use your damn brain and originality people.

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