What’s my number one productivity tip? Millionaires agree with me…

  1. Really, the only reason I watched this video was help with the Amazon
    Payments thing. It’s incredibly frustrating.

  2. You don’t get any of the money, and all existing pledgers do not end up
    getting charged. The people who pledge only get charged when the
    Kickstarter makes the goal.

  3. 2- Being a graphic designer, I create my own album covers. Can I also get
    paid via the funds as the designer, or is there a fine print that
    disqualifies me from doing so since it’s my own campaign? 3- Do you know if
    there would be any restriction to re-releasing music albums I created in
    the past that are now out-of-print? I am in the process of re-mastering
    them (I have 3 left to do), and some of them require reworking some of the
    songs, adding music and sounds, etc. Thanks!

  4. THANK YOU Jess! 1- I am curious about any follow-up video, that would cover
    your last comment on the video: “How about the drive traffic and encourage
    other Kickstarter users to back our project?” 2- As well, if someone needs
    to extend their 30 days campaign for another 15 days, is this possible? 3-
    When different people are going to get paid from the funds raised, how is
    the money managed once it’s released? Thanks again! Andre

  5. Hi Jess, a couple more questions: 1- If we already started our project,
    creating the music, graphic design for cover, etc. Does that disqualify us
    from Kickstarter? Do we have to wait till the end of the campaign before

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