Producer/ Songwriter, Prince “BlkMagic” Damons-Music Production Tutorial (Part 1)
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  1. Great series Johnny. Many thanks for your efforts, you got me thinking
    about what I do and how to improve things. Cheers, Phil.

  2. Shawn Su,
    I think you need to use the normalize feature (if I’m not mistaken) Check
    in your preferences or software settings.

  3. Dear Johnny:
    First of all, I would like to thank you,
    Because your video really teach me a lot!
    But i still have a problem
    I set my song in around -6dB boost
    It’s the best volume for my song
    I already checked that my song didn’t clip before I do mastering,

    But after i finished the mastering
    I found my song has really low volume
    I have to turn up my speakers really loud!
    The volume of my song isn’t like your mix , and even other songs on the CD!

    I am really confused
    How come it happens?
    And how can I solve this problem?

  4. Hey man thank you so much for posting these tutorial videos! They’ve been
    extremely helpful! I wanted to mention that if you’re recording at 24 bits
    & want to export to 16 bit, Dithering before export should help your tracks
    sound better than just exporting to 16 bit.

  5. Hey johnny, just finished this tutorials. Awesome stuff! i’ve created a
    song (not big thing actually) but it gave me a little perspective about the
    mixing/mastering/ tone creation, etc, etc. Thanks a lot dude!

  6. well… i just think that this tutorial is going to be legendary! sort of a
    universal reference for everyone interested on this subject. thanks for
    taking your time to help others dude! u rock!

  7. Wow man. Thank you so much for taking the time to put this series together.
    By far the best I’ve seen. With your tutorials, I know I’m headed in the
    right direction. I’m gonna go record some metal now…

  8. when you are rather new to mixing, than listening to a band you like and
    trying to achieve the same kind of mix is a great help. i did that, too. i
    guess that´s why my stuff sounds similar to periphery at the moment :p pros
    – you learn to listen carefully and adjust your mix accordingly. cons – it
    gets frustrating and you just end up sounding similar to another band.
    after you got some skills try to get your own feel and sound in the mix.
    that´s what i´m doing now.

  9. I have a question though, when your setting the EQ band, is it better for
    you to set it before you start recording, or after you’ve recorded and then
    EQ the whole guitar clip section?

  10. Stanislav Soundchaser

    Thank a lot, Johny! I’ve done my first release mainly by your tutorials.
    Maybe my songs sounds no perfect because absence of skill, but it good
    start fo me! Cheers from Russia.

  11. if your doing electrical engineering, how did you become so good with sound
    engineering? haha, you have amazing ideas!

  12. hey man, first of all I want to thank you for tuis tutorial series!! It was
    extremely helpful and your teaching approach, very simple and direct, is
    probably the best I’ve found so far!! 🙂 But there is a final issue about
    wich I would like you to teach us more, that is how to deal with multiple
    songs in order to release an ep or an album! Especially in this kind of
    music where very often are used ambient stuff as a connection between to
    song! wich is the best way to follow?

  13. Thanks man! I’ve watched all of the tutorials and I’ve learned a lot.
    Thanks for talking the time to share your knowledge.

  14. Dude, your tutorial videos are awesome! Thanks so much for taking the time
    to do this and don’t worry about the presets, it seems legit to me that you
    don’t want people to skip the learning process after all the time and
    energy you have put in this teaching tool! (your songs are fuckin’ epic

  15. man, this tutorials are really good, ive been strugling for years now to
    get that powerful MASSIVE!! sound and now i think im getting there, tnks

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