In diesem Tut zeige ich Euch, wie Ihr Euren Computer schneller machen könnt, indem Ihr unter anderem bestimmte Dienste und Grafikspielerein in Windows abstel…
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  1. You can also take a midi track and highlight the track and use locator bars
    (make sure all other tracks are muted) and from the file menu chose Export
    audiomixdown and mixdown midi to audio to the desktop and drag and drop
    that way..

  2. this is similar i used to create FX empty track and then set the output of
    midi VST track to FX track then create an audio track that receives input
    from FX track

  3. This was a fantastic answer to the very question that I wished I could ask
    someone. Thank you for doing this video – and posting it. And don’t worry
    about the haters commenting on the pace of your speech – you have nice

  4. I have a problem with recording audio from midi, I use Cubase SX3, I think
    it’s probably simple thing but I think I’ve tried everything and I’m just
    lost. When I press REC. the track is empty, it’s not recording…:( (sorry
    for my English…)

  5. I knew it, sure enough is a few minutes I not only UNDERSTANDING routing an
    learning it saves a ton of resources and cpu, but now i can quickly route
    my instruments now. I even saved this as a template to save time so I won’t
    have to do routings on every project.

  6. Honestly as “slow” as you speak as opposed to the other guy complaining, at
    least your not talking 60mph or in your case i think … 120km :), you are
    right, you did take the time to help someone and honestly paused to the
    video to type this as I know I finally found a video that actually helps..

  7. Well, not everyone is an English men or American and therefor not speak
    English as an Native language. If you cant respect the fact that im trying,
    therefor try to teach other how to get this done, maybe you should move
    along instead of making an comment like that?

  8. (1/2) To create a Group Bus, Right click on the Dark Blue spot underneath
    the “MixDown” Bus, a menu will open. From this menu you choose -> Add Group
    Channel Track. This is the easiest method. There also other methods like,
    Press F4 on you Computer Keyboard for Windows, a window will pop up. In the
    windows you’ll see tabs in the upper part, click on the 3rd Tab, namely
    GROUP/FX. Then you’ll have te property to “Add Group”. Click on this
    button, choose your configuration (stereo track) hit OK 🙂

  9. HELP! I have a recorded midi track on my Cubase 6le, from a full digital
    drum set. I have the data there in the program, I also was recording the
    drums from the headphone output, but I can’t hear anything. I have tried to
    record the audio from it, from a million youtube hints but I can’t hear
    anything. Even from the start of your video you could at least hear it. I
    can’t hear anything and want to use the audio that was being recorded from
    the headphones out into my usb interface, PLZ!

  10. (2/2) If you look careful after you’ve created a Group Bus you can see the
    OutPut Routing is set to the Master Channel/Bus or. In case you would like
    to change the destination of the created Group Bus, simply click on the
    name of your Master Channel’s OUTPUT ROUTING..

  11. very good tutorial, and thanks for taking the time to explain us that
    important thing.. but if you could go step by step please I would greatly
    appreciate it 🙂 that way you can helping me on how to create each track To
    view the settings you have.. and don’t worry I don’t speak english, and I
    understand you very good.. ignore that people who bother you … you’re
    doing a grat job and U speak very well 🙂

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