Overcoming Procrastination - Time Management Tips and Skills for More Productivity at Work

http://www.YourAtHomeCash.com | This video reveals one secret to overcoming procrastination as well as some time management tips and skills for YOU can use t…
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  1. Timóteo Jiel Chilaúle

    Good lesson for workplaces so that all can know their obligations. I
    remember that one time I use to send an email to my coleagues (showing a
    video where a woman was talking too loud on the phone and her coleague went
    to break that phone) to show them how is bad to disturb environment at
    workplace when getting personal calls. Note that those were usually
    affecting everyone in the room including themselves, as the time was
    becoming useless for many of us and the goals were not achieved on time.

  2. Thumbs up from a fellow Kiwi Marketer. Great tips on productivity, thanks
    for the share Affilorama!. Rob Asi Kiwi Marketer

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