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Music Production Vol.1 : Vocal Preset Tutorial Part 1

Title: Vocal Preset Tutorial in Sony Acid 6.0 Using Provocal, Autotune and Waves C1 Comp Author: Papa Jay Year: 2011.

  1. Hi , name is Daniel and my email is [email protected] and it”s
    possible for you to send me the free ebook. I already have a studio and
    been producing for while with logic pro 8 but ive been having one issue…
    I really want to learn all the aspect of mastering and song and how to make
    the vocal or the track sound like it can be played on TV or the radio
    station Please help me Thanks

  2. John [email protected] please help! and thank you so much for your
    video i have been checking them out and they are very help good. You are a
    good man, and i respect all that you have done Take Care, John

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