Music production tutorial: Parallel drum buss compression |

With parallel drum buss compression, you send a drum mix to a stereo compressor and blend it in under another mix. In this tutorial, explore parallel drum bu…

Electronic Music Tutorial (How to write beats)

This is part 1 of a 10 hour long high definition tutorial video series on how to write electronic music, from scratch! All aspects are covered…. basic and …

  1. I need an audio interface thats compatible for windows 7 and that will work
    with FL studio With midi keyboard port included any suggestions

  2. When you have your playlist open-how did you import that loop? When i have
    my mixer open there’s no option to select an imput-or when there is and i
    pick one i hear no sound coming out.

  3. @LASTOFBEST the midi cable does not sent any audio at all, its just a
    signal that triggers (in this case) your sound channel. however sometimes
    it is possible to record sounds from your midi controller by using the “AUX
    out signal” and just plug it in the “AUX in” channel on your sound card.
    then just use edison in FL to record. simple ;P

  4. Line 6 KB37. External audio interface with built in MIDI keyboard. It
    solved my problem with incompatibility issues with ASIO and Windows Vista.

  5. In fact, I may even just say it now. It’s way simpler than one actually
    would think. Simply just press the record button beside play and stop, and
    set it to “Automation and score.” after this you can activate the “321”
    button to the right for a countdown before, and activate the Metronome
    “wand” if you want, which makes it easier to follow the beat. After this
    just press the play button, and click on the keyboard/MPD/pc buttons to
    make it appear in the pattern. Thumbs up so people notice!! =D

  6. @litlekarim33 . Yeah, try going to the mixer and opening the stereo
    enhancer tool under the subtabs for each channel. It allows you to adjust
    the phase offset so that, when using the Ping Pong function, the sound will
    vibe from left to right channel and back and forth, etc. If you don’t know
    what I’m talking about then fuck you, dood. Just kidding. If you don’t know
    what I’m talking about, then reply and I’ll be more specific. Good luck!

  7. i use fucking shity FL and i dont kno how to make a stereo sound, evrything
    i makesound so fucking mono .. d anybody knows if i can do anything about
    it ??

  8. I feel like when these people make these videos they just expect that you
    know every basic step to get to where they are and it’s bullshit.

  9. if you say FL is shitty you dont know what you are doing. Because if you
    knew how to use FL you would realize its as good as any other DAW.

  10. @LASTOFBEST two years since you made that comment, so I guess you found
    out. I got my MPD yesterday, and I wonder about the exact same thing, could
    you please tell me?

  11. noise vector :: dj tremor :: dusp2k

    @litlekarim33 Your sound IN selector in the mixer should have both stereo
    and mono channels. If you select the mono channel for your input, FL will
    make a stereo pair out of it (copying one channel into the other).

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