Music production tutorial: Parallel drum buss compression |

With parallel drum buss compression, you send a drum mix to a stereo compressor and blend it in under another mix. In this tutorial, explore parallel drum bu…

Electronic Music Tutorial (How to write beats)

This is part 1 of a 10 hour long high definition tutorial video series on how to write electronic music, from scratch! All aspects are covered…. basic and …

  1. Hi did you ever get code working for live sound input to output? I’m lost
    and need to code it for a project

  2. Hi, It is a great video.! Unfortunately , it is not working on xcode 4.3?
    Any ideas? It just does not do anything- After I recorded i try to play and
    it does nothing. Thanks in advance

  3. WORKKKKSS AMazing. Except on play back I am only hearing the recorded audio
    in one side of my headphones. Anyone else have this issue and find a

  4. Matthias Schorer

    great video, just one remark. Watch out for programming anti patterns! The
    variable name isNotRecording is such an antipattern, because it will
    confuse people who read through the code. Better use a variable name
    “isRecording” because then it is clear that true=recording and no=not

  5. @mschorer Very good point, its definatley best to keep your code clear. In
    this tutorial it was done in the way that i personally would do it. Thanks
    for clarifying for us!

  6. @iWorldApps how do i pause the audio that i have recorded and then is
    playing? so i dont need to listen to everything i have recorded if i dont
    want to. and how should i do so when i have recorded something and then
    want to add something to that recFile? So both things i recorded is in the

  7. QubePixeldProduction

    Need some help! I want the file to be saved and compressed a bit so i can
    access it later in a folder or something. Also i want it to record very low
    sounds like on distance, is it possible to make it more like sensitive?

  8. Ravinder Gandhi

    hi, this is really an awesome it works fine on my Xcode 4.3 and i have
    checked it many times it’s nice and happy.So, thanks vvvvvvvvvvvvvery much
    for this nice effort.

  9. Hey, very nice tutorial, works just fine on xcode 4.3.3… But how can i
    save the recording in a not temporary file? Thanks 🙂

  10. @johnydee187 Im not aware of anyway to do this (not to say its not possible
    of course). But you could look into saving multiple files into your apps
    directory and implementing some kind of playlist within it.

  11. @maikrobi Unfortunately there is no simple way to change the pitch that i
    know of, however if anyone else could shed some light this would be
    brilliant. If we find anything then you’ll be first to know. The only
    possible way to do this that i know of is within openAL, although i have no
    experience with this.

  12. @chasethemooseinc it Is possible, yes as you can have multiple sound
    channels within the iPhone SDK. Sorry for the delayed reply.

  13. Goutham Kumar Survepalli

    Hey…, Nice tutorial. But i want to save that particular audio file. So, i
    want how to save that & where i can save that file. Thanks in advance.

  14. Noticed a few comments about audio not playing. It’s to do with ARC in the
    new Xcode. To retain the audio, add the following property into the header
    file and voila! @property (nonatomic, strong) AVAudioPlayer *player; Hope
    this helps, it worked when I used it. Great video by the way!

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