The latest of our Wisdom of the Week series takes the form of a video in which our product specialist Jon Dennis walks through how to multiple mute tracks in…

The fourth of the 6 part Masterclass Production Tutorial Videos filmed by Icon Collective in LA – originally published as a DVD with Future Music Magazine (O…
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  1. These are awesome advice for art and design as well! I agree very much with
    the “change it up” tips. I often feel so confined in my office and wish my
    bosses would be more open to us working from different places and do things
    differently from time to time in order to keep the creative juices going.
    The freewriting idea also totally applies to drawing – sometimes I just
    need to draw draw draw and draw instead of just staring at a blank paper.

  2. Oh wow, this is amazing. And it looks like you’ve got some fantastic
    NaNoWriMo videos that I’ll need to watch, study, learn, memorize, and
    everything. You’ve got a new follower, thank you for sharing your

  3. Brenna Mae Thank you so much! I’m glad they’re helpful, I can’t believe
    I’ve managed to get so many videos up to be honest, I’m normally not that

  4. There’s also a forum on the NaNo website called DORG (day one ridiculous
    goal) which can help in the regards to lack of motivation and its under the
    Games section. My DORG will be 5,000 words

  5. Your NaNo videos have consistently been so helpful, informative, and
    original. I personally really enjoy them and your personality on camera. =)
    Thanks for all the effort you put into your channel!

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