Music Production Tutorial-Creating 4 Part Hooks King’s Bio
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  1. I play eletric guitar and I listen to metallica and metal I really want to
    learn how to right my own music 

  2. Talents, young artists, music charts

    The “massive amount of phrases”-method and the “puzzle”-method described
    here, among the themes.
    (Youtube talent channel)

  3. Actually this is not how to write a song, it’s how to write song lyrics.
    There is a difference. 

  4. Amanda Victoria

    good method but I feel that writing songs has to just come to you… you
    have to just get inspiration & let things pop into your head

  5. benji anderson

    Cool name nice video but I recommend expanding a little on what to do with
    the four circle idea chart afterwards. I really like the idea though and
    will use this today for a song im writing called “I used to get drunk” 

  6. This is so funny!
    All girls have “Happy”, “Love”, & “Routine” in their addled heads all the
    time! I’m surprised the 4th one wasn’t “Financial Comfort”! Girls are the
    worst artists in the world. That’s why they have men write songs for them!
    POP has nothing to do with art though. And this is exactly why. 4 Circles.
    Rules. A formula that hinders any kind of originality, creative freedom or
    expressive innovation. Women wouldn’t know what music truly is about even
    if they heard Tubular Bells every time they went to sleep.

  7. JoshWritesSongs

    Great stuff! New songwriter/singer/piano banger here looking for feedback
    and support! hmu.

  8. Thank you, I learned more from this than I did from a couple of well know
    books I read on song writing : )

  9. Thanks for the tips…they’ve helped me a lot with my songs, I’ve put a few
    here on youtube…

  10. Presley Mathers

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