Music Plus presents the first in a series of music tutorials. This first video will concentrate on songwriting and features Robert Shields (Finding Albert) w…
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  1. I want to play vocal samples that i have chopped up through impulse. i can
    play the sample via my midi keyboard but it cuts it short and doesnt play
    the whole sample. anyone know how i can sort it out. 

  2. Matteo Cosentino

    1:40 well it wouldnt be a bad idea if you told us how to actually put
    samples on the panels instead of just loading a pre-made track that only
    you know of, wouldnt it?

  3. Junnyjatz-Beats (Daprince charles)

    how do u connect live with alesis and make your own drums from alesis midi

  4. How do you drag instruments into Impulse? Ableton will not allow me to drag
    and drop any instruments from the instrument rack or drum rack. Do they
    have to be .wav or .aiff?

  5. How do you get your kicks to hit so hard? Mine sound so weak. Is there a
    way in the program to adjust how deep it sounds?

  6. @MBETZ91 Yeah ableton is actually very good for singing/Rapping over stuff
    because of the way it loops stuff easily. defo avoid reason… it doesn’t
    do it.

  7. The more of these I watch the more I want to just stick with reason. I
    wanted to get ableton to perform live instrumental sets, but the interface
    seems so draconian & cold. I guess I’m just stuck in my ways.

  8. JbizzProductions

    im trying to use the impulse pad with my computer keyboard and it wont
    respond to my pressing of the keys, any ideas?

  9. Brian Masamha bhidza

    that were you lost this vid ,not showing us how you dropped those samples
    and not only that but how you arranged them to make that pattern .

  10. How do you insert samples from the drum rack to impulse?????? I tried and
    the whole midi channel change to the name of the sample instead of
    inserting it in an Impulse slot D: I tried changing the format to mp3 but
    it doesn´t allow me to insert it. HELP!

  11. Jonathan Morse

    Switching from Reason to Ableton… I actually love the Reason interface,
    but one of my main gripes was the whole VST issue. Anyone use both Reason
    and Ableton? If so which do you prefer?

  12. Ian sane armstrong

    Impulse doesn’t accept dragged samples for me (just as Diego Reyes
    commented, too). Why? The instructor should demo how this is done.

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