What does it take to get work, and get skilled, in audio and music production? This tutorial provides a broad overview of the audio and music production proc…
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Week five peer review assignment on algorithmic and convolution reverb.
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  1. 01:51 So that means that If he were to have sold his guitar, he would be an
    Instant Billionaire ?! That’s insane, The Guitar is Bruce Wayne’s paycheck

  2. Technology has been and will keep evolving no point in denying it… Mr.
    Nile Rodgers my respect and admiration…

  3. Michael Henderson

    About a month ago, Nile Rodgers came into Dubspot to do a Traktor S4
    training session with me and graced us with this great interview. It was
    great working with such a humble creative musician and person. Enjoy the

  4. As if i could be any more in love with the legend and the man Nile
    Rodgers.. he goes and does this! you dont know how much i needed to hear

  5. Christopher Taylor

    This is a really inspiring vid. I’m guilty of being a music snob myself,
    especially towards pop music. True creativity is taking adventurous risks
    and not givin’ a crap about what it fits into. You just enjoy the ride.

  6. Am i seeing things,, did it really just say his guitar is worth 2 FUCKING
    BILLION DOLLARS!!! That’s truly ridiculous

  7. Thanks man, you unlocked something in my brain. So true : stop being
    judgmental and just do it! Even if it’s crap, it’s still a step forward and
    not backward. Listen to what radiohead use to do when they called
    themselves “On A Friday”.

  8. with me I got a vocaloid which sing voice synthsed soft ware. I figure out
    the song writing tough since it take a lot expermention get the sound I
    want. well judgment is what get since I very judgment if does not sound the
    way I want it.

  9. Dude this was awesome. I’m 19, teaching myself guitar (I’m a drummer), and
    I am learning guitar so I can start writing songs. I get frustrated easily
    when the emotion I want in my songs just doesn’t get down on the paper.
    This video made me feel a lot better about the whole process, and I want to
    thank you! You seem like a super cool guy and if I hit it big with a song
    or something, I’m gonna give you a big shout out for helping me through the
    song-writing process! haha wishful thinking! Anyway thanks a lot man

  10. man that was awesome da di di di da di di duu is stuck in my head!! , i
    will write a song using it hope you don`t mind

  11. @quiro1001 Try practicing the guitar first untill you can play without
    thinking and than memorize the singing part and practice mixing them up.
    Thats how I managed to do it ^^

  12. ForeverYoung32109

    @AnilZonderPunt songwriting is about expressing yourself and your own
    thoughts. regardless if it is or isnt cliche. if its in your heart, then
    write about it. music has no rules.

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