In this video, Ableton Certified MMS tutor Tom Lonsborough demonstrates a bit of basic music theory which should help you out when trying to come up with a k… Sign up for Free for loads more free videos. Get the Ableton Live 30 day free trial here……

  1. THE, jonathan clark? holy balls dude… you’re my guitar role model.(other
    than Thomas Kalnoky) I love “the most evolved!

  2. Just finished watching this vid, had pan and paper during both this and the
    previous one. They are explained dumbed down enough that I easily
    understand it, but well enough, that I also get the general why-s. Greatly
    appreciated the vids, will keep on watching! So thanks! 

  3. And actually, here’s a complete list of my videos which might be more
    useful: djbolivia dot ca/videos

  4. Zhe, glad you got to see it. I’m working on almost half a dozen other
    videos in this same series which I hope to upload in the next week to ten
    days. After that, back to EDM and DJ’ing tutorials for a short time before
    I head out west.

  5. Thank you so much, I learned a lot from your videos, I was lucky to found
    you on YB and since then suggesting your channel to my DJ friends, Keep it
    up and running, perfect lecturing.

  6. Hi, thanks for the series Jonathan, I couldnt find the first episode within
    your videos, can you somehow give us the link to first video. appreciate it

  7. praveen paliwal

    Wow 2nd video !!!!!! Awsm…..i have to say OnE THinG “GrEaT WorK __/__
    !!!!”…..and thanks for these videos (ActuallY Yours Experience)…..i
    learnt lot of things from You about MIXERS ,Audio Recording then
    EQing…..thank You again !!

  8. Purple Tectonic

    So basically I could just use my microphone and start recording with
    audacity the same time I record with the elgato? Then I could sync the
    audio right?

  9. XperiencedGame

    Basically my computer is quite slow and I wanna record xbox gameplay but
    whenever I speak I can’t hear it out of the computer, but when someone else
    in the party talks I can hear them perfectly.

  10. I’ve had a big problem with my voice audio I click the mic on but when it’s
    on the game you can hear my voice for a bit and then it cuts out for the
    rest of the video and I’ve changed all the settings around and no matter
    what I do it’s still like that SOMEONE HELP

  11. I had a problem with my ps3 , could not chat with my friends when recording
    . I want U guys to prefer a headset for me . With a USB to my computer so I
    can chat with my friends and record their and mine voice at same time ? 

  12. TheCovertCamper

    when i plug in my x12s my computer won’t recognize them (which plug do I
    use red or green)

  13. Why is everyone saying you need Sony Vegas, I use a £40 piece of software
    that works just fine.

  14. The Peaceful Madman

    so i get all of that, but where do you connect your microphone up to (in my
    case the blue yeti) and how to you get that commentary audio over the

  15. Whats the purpose of plugging the headset into the computer via usb? Does
    the usb perform as a mic?

  16. UberAwesomeMan9

    what is a mix amp and how much do a cheap one run? are they required if you
    have a turtle beach headset?

  17. I got a blue snowball but my voice fades out I did a playthrough for 3
    hours straight but when I was breaking it up into 15 separate vids I
    noticed my voice was fading in and out throughout everything what fixes
    this? do I have to scream in order for a mic 2 ft away to hear me?

  18. can someone please help me

    I have my PS4 hooked up to my pc monitor and got my elgato software on the

    whenever i try to record my PS4 gameplay i can’t seem to get any sound into
    the elgato software from my PS4. Since i have it hooked up to my PC the
    only way to get sound for me is through the PS4 controller where i have my
    Razer Charcarias plugged in.

    Everything else works great but i can’t get either microphone sound nor
    game sound

    I’d appreciate any help i can get

  19. And also Drift0r, thank you so much.This is going to help me so much
    because soon I will be making a lot of videos. Thankyou!

  20. N. Mason Myers

    Thx so much I was about to buy a different headset to place by my computer
    but thank you very much

  21. Guys this is what I do, I dont have a mic but I have a built in one in my
    laptop. I use headphones for my HD TV and when I use the headphone
    (obviously while using my xbox mic under it) i put the voice to headset and
    speakers, not letting the audio go to my mic, and only going to me while
    the Elgato captures the game audio by itself. HOpe this helps :)

  22. I got a problem. I can’t hear in-game audio when recording, and I can’t
    hear the sound throgh my TV/Monitor. Hope someone can help me :)

  23. anthony pasquale

    hey dude would you give a recommendation of the blue snowball mic. please
    comment back if u can. because for me, the turtle beaches are to

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