This tutorial will show you how to use multiple tracks in MixPad Multitrack Recording Software. You’ll learn how to add and delete tracks, how to use the vol…

  1. Hello Giawa, Is it possible to process the sound streams without recording
    into a file? Thanks in advance..

  2. Hi Giawa

    Is it possible to convert these files with a android packager (apk) in
    order to run on android? 

  3. Thanx for the tutorial. I just wanna ask that can i use this code in
    windows 8.1 App as well?? I mean Is that compatible with Windows 8

  4. Graziano Ullucci

    Thank You GIAWA! I trust You! And I’ll try to undestand if You’re right!
    Thank you for your precious advice! Anyway, somewere, I’ve reed that the
    soundboard, only send you GROUPS of samples. It read them, convert them
    into digital format, store them into a buffer and every(for ex.256
    readings) send them to you. So They say that ACTUAL REAL-TIME with a sound
    card isn’t possible! If you are so kind, comment this thing please. Aniway
    Thanks!!!!!!!! I’m going to your tutorial 🙂

  5. @vetshamino The code is available to download from the link included in the
    video description. It’s located in the RAR file as a .cs code file. Good

  6. I downloaded your sample code. Added the Naudio Reference, But for some
    reason my list is coming up empty, meaning I do not see any listed audio
    devices. The app compiles fine without any errors or warnings. I am using
    C# 2010 Any Suggestions !!!

  7. When I run this compiled, I get an UE that tells me my channels should be
    greater than 1 (it’s -1). The microphone works well with Dragon
    NaturallySpeaking (just tested it to be sure). I haven’t monkeyed with your
    code and am compiling in VS 2010. Should I be doing something I am not?

  8. Hi NABUKENAEZER, This could occur if there are no DirectSound inputs on
    your computer. Do you have a mic plugged in? It could also be that the
    correct drivers for your sound card are not installed (if your sound card
    supports things like audio loopback then you will need these drivers, as
    Windows does not normally have built-in drivers for the more advanced
    functionality of the sound card). A safe bet is to check control panels to
    see if the audio inputs are listed. Good luck! Giawa

  9. Hi Graziano, sure, you can do this. Check out my Effect Stream tutorials,
    which give you access to the underlying data. Now you can manipulate this
    data (only taking the samples that you want) and ship them to some sort of
    data structure or new wave file. There’s sample code for the EffectStream
    on my website, so you don’t even need to write it! Best of luck

  10. Graziano Ullucci

    Hello Giawa, only to let you save MY LIFE, can I ask if You know how to
    work REAL-TIME with a Recording signal coming from my microphone for
    exemple? Only to let you have a simple idea of what I mean, suppose I want
    to LISTEN at for ex. 40000kHz what come out from my microphone but have the
    opportunity to chose only the samples I “prefer” for exemple one now, wait
    two samples, take a new one, wait 5 samples, take a new one, and record
    only the selected ones to a wave file. IT is only an exemple!

  11. this camera is a dream, I am passionate about photography more not afford
    to buy one so I’m fueling myself watching all the videos talking canon 7d
    … I am Brazilian and I have faith that one day I will have one in my
    mãos.forte hug!

  12. rodolfocuevasfilmmak

    Im sorry, my english is not so well. I find youre videos
    really interestings, so…can u help me? i have been using a Sony HVR 1VU ,
    but, i really whant to jump to DSLR i find lovely the objectives results,
    so…i dont have much money, im thinking to buy a 7D so…can i start whit
    a 35mm? or 85mm? is that ok? i mean…is not full frame but, the image can
    be nice and work whit them? Or what do you think? Thanx man!!! Youre the
    best on youtube, thanx for sharing those tutorials.

  13. RICOHWomensBritish

    You said that the 7d wouldnt have the same trouble with the drifting as the
    5d does. I am using the 7d and the zoom h4n and for some reason when i
    shoot in 23.98 the audio will drift out of sync 5-7 minutes down the line.
    any info on how i can fix this easily?

  14. Malcolm Brabant

    Hi, I am interested to hear you say that custom firmware will be out soon.
    That will be most welcome. Can I ask how strong your source is for that
    prediction and whether you expect it to be made available before Christmas
    or in the New Year. Thanks. best Malcolm Brabant

  15. I have sennheiser E 835 microphone and a Audiotechnica condenser 4050. can
    I use these mic in to record audio ?IF yes then How do i hook it up ?

  16. Ok, but I’m wanting to go on an extended trip that will take me from urban
    areas to hill stations. Is double sound/ H4N audio recording really
    practical for that sort of setting???

  17. you saved my life…I now know my to be owned 7D would be worth last penny.
    Thanks for showing it’s versatility…Brilliant!

  18. BenHughesStudios

    @BlankMessageTV yea it’s normal. That lens isn’t meant for zooming while
    you’re recording. You should set your zoom level before you start recording.

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  20. Paul Thorbjorn

    Right, this video was uploaded 2 years ago. About one month ago I brought a
    7D and im now very sad about the audio quality. Being 2 years latter from
    this vid upload, have cannon updated a firmwear do I can control my gain.
    Please contact me even if they haven’t? Really need help ??

  21. Any chance we will see a tutorial on using the Zoom H4N with the Canon 7D?
    Basic settings, or something? Thanks for the excellent tips on the 7D.

  22. Very helpful series of reviews of 7D thanks very much, I am thinking of
    buying this. I am sure you already know that about Sanyo Xacti VPC-HD2000,
    I have this camera and it gives me 60fps on 1080p. is there any DSLR coming
    up soon with 60fps on 1080p with full frame sensor body?

  23. “…soon” . Over two years later and no update. Cool. Can it be that tough?
    The fact that Canon integrated such a major–unnecessary–issue makes me
    second-guess their products. The fact that that haven’t yet addressed such
    a glaring problem makes me second-guess their customer commitment. If you
    are thinking of getting a 7D for video and you need sound, remember that
    you will NEED a third party audio recorder. As if we want to pay 500 more
    dollars and carry around yet another device.

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