Discuss small changes to my ideal day / week on being slightly more productive and owning my time.

  1. That GROOVY feeling you get when ……………

    ALL of the items on your ‘To Do List’ are crossed off

    Want to know my Secret Success Strategy….HINT It’s not what you think!!

    Feel Free to Share this Strategy…it’s a GREAT ONE

    The Best Productivity Tip Ever

  2. Maureen Charlton

    I use Gavin Mountfords software: The Results Machine for my to do list 🙂
    Excellent subject ‘To Do List’. Thank you for sharing Debbie

  3. I have that software too and yet… I still like going back to pen & paper
    Maureen. Kinda makes it stick!

  4. Brian I’m looking forward tour own book. You have a gift man. Thanks for
    sharing. -Francis from Manila

  5. Nila aguilar-markulis

    watching the video/getting the visuals to reinforce it is transforming me
    from the thinker to doer! thanks

  6. It’s amazing how much of everything can be broken down into <2 minute
    tasks...Even cleaning the house or your office/desk can be broken down into
    2 minutes of taking stuff off your desk or re-shelving books or materials.
    Often, I'll spend 2 minutes creating a pile of "desk Debris", then come
    back it later in the day and spend 2 minutes either creating piles of like
    materials to re-file later or actually re-filing them.

  7. I agree with this method, but I think is another variable to be considered
    which is sometimes when you send the email it can result in things that
    takes hours, days, etc. so there is an important distinction to when you
    send the email.

  8. This is fantastically useful – like all the simplest things that should be
    obvious, but often aren’t. So I’m trying to put it into action right away,
    and 1-touching a reply! 😉

  9. Brian, your videos are being of great help in changing my life for better.
    Thanks for the great tips and advices. I´m also reading “The Flow”. Great
    book! Wish you and your family the best! Cheers!

  10. Agreed! One thing I didn’t go into is whether you even send the email.
    There are other options, of course–including deleting it or delegating it.
    And, if you don’t want to invest more time in whatever is being discussed,
    saying that in an email would take <2 minutes as well. We tend to leave
    *those* emails in our inbox b/c we're avoiding making a decision and/or
    having a "tough" conversation about something we'd prefer to avoid!

  11. Man, glad you’re back… love these short videos with your thoughts. They
    are like a beam of wisdom through the screen, short but powerful. Thx Brian.

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