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Gmail Productivity Tips

Productivity tips for gmail users. I decided to create a video with the tips after getting some praise for my recent blog post:…
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  1. Excellent! I do think journalling should be a part of everyone’s rituals.
    It helps clear the mind, inspire more creativity, “chunk” thoughts, and
    improves long term memory.

    Napoleon would repeat many times and write the name of every person he met
    on paper, concentrate on it, lock it securely in his mind, then rip it
    apart.. He could remember the names of every person he met.

    Yep, it takes more time but, as Emerson said, “”Good manners are made up of
    petty sacrifices.”

  2. great video, Tony, and I agree that rituals really help us all to get
    things done, and reduce overwhelm. Many thanks.

  3. Brilliant!! Simple!! I am committed! Heard your interview with Success
    Magazine and with Philosophers Notes!!! Thank you very much!! Bless you

  4. The difference in the quality of the material by those who can and DO
    compared with those who can’t and TEACH … Talking from practical
    experience is much more powerful and helpful.

  5. Tony, your advice on sleep and doing “the one big thing” every morning
    before the day is hijacked are the 2 best pieces of advice I’ve had in 40+
    years. Less is MUCH more ! Keep the content coming and thanks !

  6. Great video and good info. Just thinking about following those four steps
    makes me feel better. Better make sure to keep them now.

  7. *Productivity / time management tip – create rituals*
    I’m busy reflecting on my own productivity, strategies to improve thereon,
    i.e. how to get more things done in the coming year. We’re fortunate that
    today there’s so much material to research online on this very important

    This short video adds some value with an interesting approach in terms of
    developing certain rituals related to productivity. For example getting in
    bed by a certain time every night, whenever possible. Ritualising some
    tasks or time management elements means that you conserve energy in not
    having to think or plan for them and that you get into the habit of dealing
    with said tasks or time management elements. Useful tip, IMO.

    #productivity #productivitytips 

  8. DragonCon 2013 Writers Group

    TC found a fun video of Kevin J. Anderson at the Superstars writing seminar
    a few years ago. I enjoy these as a way to get motivated when I look at my
    weekly schedule and wonder when I’m going to manage to write.

    I love how he describes his writing muse as a gravely-voiced drill
    sergeant. xD

  9. Ha-ha-ha, exactly! Writers-at-heart write because they’ll explode if they
    don”t. They’ve no time do wait for someone to give them “time to write” 😉

  10. ThisnThatPackRat

    Mr. Star Wars expanded crapiverse himself. So, selling videos on writing is
    how to make money on writing??? LMFAO

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