Logic Pro Music Production Tutorial: Creating a House Bassline with ESP

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  1. For some reason my Logic Pro X doesn’t have the Factory library with the
    classic house remix kit. 

  2. mikeymike hanna

    great video bro, tech house is def’ a lane im going into after iv done lots
    of reggae, dance, pop, dubstep, got my gear, and here we go, ur video was
    very helpfull for me, thanx again, im sure gonna save it in my tags, and i
    sure subd, peace out

  3. To delete all the mappings, HOLD CMD key and select each mapping, than
    click on any of the mappings (By clicking on the I button) and choose
    delete all mappings.

  4. Thomas Linnane

    As much as I want to make the change over to Logic X, I just can’t get into
    it : / The setup and style is just to garagebandy for me. I love some of
    the functions and abilities it allows you to do, but man I wish they kept
    the same setup as Logic 9.

  5. Speaking of mixing and audio and stuff, the vocals on the video are MUCH
    louder than the actual music you are demo’ing. Other than that, great

  6. seanlikestoeat

    Could someone explain why I don’t have the factory library in the esx24?
    Ive downloaded the additional content

  7. Do you ever find the summing buses become un-bused? This is a problem I’ve
    been having. All of a sudden for no reason all the tracks in the stack will
    go to default output settings and the mix will go crazy.

  8. jason bedford

    Brilliant video! A well sound, put together instructional! This helps me
    greatly in my productions!

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