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  1. MGX Design Studio

    Hey bro. Thanks for the video tutorial. Is it best to add plugins on the
    record track or leave blank and apply after recording. I saw you had some
    activated on your record track..

  2. Hey again Mitch,

    That link you sent really helped with the latency. All performing fine now!

    One thing that is bothering me now is when plugging my Fender Strat into my
    interface I’m having to put the gain dial about 60% up to have a decent
    waveform when doing the intro to a song which is all finger picking. It
    doesn’t clip, but when listening back I’m hearing a hiss, as you would if
    you had an amp up too loud. After normalising it does get worse.

    I’m not sure if it’s something to do with the pickups being single coil,
    but I’d like to know your opinion.

    I have to say, logic was a massive part of the syllabus on my college
    course and I feel I’ve learnt double of what I knew watching your videos.
    Really appreciate them and thanks for the help!

  3. Orlando Carrillo

    Hey man. Really like all your tutorials and your original productions.
    Thanks for taking the time to do this for all of us who are lost, broke, or
    completely new at this. I have a question for you, though. I’m using LP9
    with an Allen&Heath ZED 10FX mixer (USB). I’ve hooked up my Line 6 amp into
    the mixer so that I can use the tones saved in the amp. Now, when I go to
    record, the signal levels are there, however, in the output channel strip
    next to the audio channel strip I am recording on, the output levels are a
    little low. I’ve turned up the gain and the level on the mixer and it does
    improve but I’m not sure what the appropriate signal level should be on the
    output strip. Should the signal reach 0.0 (talking about the moving meters)
    or is it fine as long as it comes through. Currently, the signal level for
    the output strip reaches a spot between 0.0 and the beginning of the
    decibel scale. Thanks!

  4. First of all you turn caps lock off and then you select all your tracks and
    lower the volume of them. Manage your individual tracks so that you have a
    few dB’s of headroom on the main output.

  5. Hey Mitch, really great video.. But one thing i always find (especially
    when recording vocals) is that i get him to sing and i adjust the gain on
    my interface, to the appropriate level, but then as soon as i hit record it
    clips like mad?! is There any reason for this? cheers.

  6. You can definitely clip in LP even though you aren’t clipping on your
    interface. Keep pulling down those volume faders until you aren’t getting
    any clipping.

  7. I’m using a M-audio fast track pro. And I use a shure SM58, and SM7B to
    record. It’s all just right into logic. with some effects on the vocals to
    get the sound I want. it’s just never very clear or present.

  8. Hey man. I’ve been working with logic for a while and ive been getting
    better at recording my vocals. But when I do they always sound really low
    and clip. The volume bar doesn’t hit red but theres a ton of distortion and
    clipping and im not sure how to fix it. When I turn the volume down on my
    interface it just makes the vocals even lower and harder to hear.

  9. Turn up the amplifier for your headphones. If it’s from your computer, turn
    up that volume. If it’s through your audio interface, there will be a
    separate gain output for that.

  10. I can’t seem to hear myself loud enough in my headphones while recording
    unless I turn up the gain but then it starts to clip, is there a way I can
    make my vocals louder in my headphones without clipping?

  11. Never had a USB mic but it’s either there or in the audio section of the
    options menu. Not completely sure cause I think it changes depending on the
    microphone and associated software. If there is additional software that
    you had to download with the microphone, the gain might be chosen there as


  13. Hey! here i am. when i set up the gain recording a guitar or vocals direct
    into the audio interface, i regulate the knob on the motu 896mkIII at the
    maximum level without clipping, But in logic the meters are all clipping. I
    saw different tutorials showing this method, not caring about logic’s
    meters during the recording due to have the maximum level from the audio
    interface. i’m right? thank you for your vids

  14. You explain everything real easy to understand. Appreciate you taking out
    the time to teach! I’m tryna learn so we can record parodies. We do comedy
    skits, pranks, and other crazy shit lol. So ya vids are a great help bro,

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