1. from our website – you get samples and presets for all of our courses as
    standard with a subscription

  2. @goaggoag i am now starting the lessons but i think you can add another
    MIDI with a drumloop with other samples ?? am i right guys ?

  3. Im already subscribed into the website, but i cant see the videos, when I
    click on them, they say me to subscribe, although i’m already subscribed. I
    don’t understand……….

  4. my boxes where you pencil in the sounds are not a box like his they are a
    rectangle how do I change that someone please help

  5. MrAchilles3001

    You can only drag sounds from your sample library, not your instrument
    library. I was having this problem, it changes your midi track to just the
    kick, for example. Just navigate to your sample library and it should work
    the way you want.

  6. When I try to drag my kicks and snares into my impulse rack, it completely
    changes from impulse. It just pops up the kick or snare I just put into the
    box, I can’t drag any kicks or snares or hats in impulse without it
    changing impulse completely… Any help?

  7. Sooo helpful. Thanks again so much guys, for taking the time to record this
    and then put it out there for free for everyone who needs it. You guys are

  8. It would be nice if you told us this before we spent so much time following
    this tutorial. Thanks for wasting everyones time.

  9. 1. It supports the company. I don’t necessarily support high prices,
    especially like Adobe products, but it is still support. 2. No risk. 3. You
    get extra information you might not get through pirating. 4. It cleans your
    conscience. Lol, I’m kidding, but if you feel bad for those sort of things,
    I guess that might apply to you.

  10. omg this guy not only makes awesome tutorials, he also defies physics by
    playing an open hi-hat while its closed!! lol Good job man, I might just
    end up subscribing too Sonic Acadamy because if theres more like this its
    probably worth it! Props man.

  11. Hey, Ich kann irgendwie nicht auf die instrumente bei den Life Devices
    zugreifen. Hat da einer nen Plan?

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