1. Is the IXY comparable with newer iOS devices? If not will a version of the
    IXY be with a thunderbolt jack? 

  2. Has ANYONE found the video where Devin has made a tutorial for his glidecam
    usage? I have seen a few of his videos where he gives SOME tips but I have
    yet to find a video where he actually shares How he sets up and uses his
    glidecam. Any help would be great. Thanks!

  3. if i want to shoot a music video, what solutions do I have to record audio.
    subjects maybe a bit hard from camera.

  4. Interesting, Ill have to check that one out, I have manual audio controls
    on my D600 which takes care of the AG issue, but the tiny preamp is another
    story, that would be amazing if it has one built into it. Thanks for the

  5. I’d like to know how you balance the Glidecam so well, I’ve seen some BTS
    of yourself running with it in one hand in front of you and it doesn’t
    move! When I try that with mine, it starts to spin to either left/right…

  6. RØDE Microphones

    We were up near the blue mountains with heavy winds. Ideally we would use
    the microphone in the blimp for clean audio.

  7. Grunde Kulseth

    Hey Devin. I’m going to film school at the moment, and while we have a lot
    of equipment in our school, I’m looking to buy my own. Can you make a
    tutorial on what to look for in a good DSLR for film? And suggest good
    cameras depending on price. Would be greatly appreciated! 🙂

  8. So Im probably missing something here, is he running the mic directly into
    the 5DIII to get all of the audio for his videos? No H4N or other audio

  9. I have problem, when I play my guitar I there is sound in speakers, but no
    signal inside cubase 5 therefore when I pick a string nothing happens and
    no record sound

  10. if i ever felt discouraged id lisen to this guys voice saying “my first
    cubase project” over and over again

  11. worlverine pina

    question? this version of cubase, support vst instruments? support plug
    ins? waves, izotope etc?

  12. Don’t get frustrated people when you have done this a few times you’ll find
    it easy. What your doing is creating the digital wiring so to speak to
    connect the inputs & output’s a biit like plugging in a microphone then
    your speaker but digitally.Cubase will need to know this information as
    it’s not auto detected you’ll need to tell it. This guy actually missed the
    first part of setting yoour driver. I’m running out of letters so i’ll
    carry on on another post.

  13. After starting Cubase and opening then saving your project click “Devices”
    then “Device Setup…” Now in the left sde panel click “VST Audio System”
    On the right side, at the top click the dropdown box under “VST Audio
    System” Select “ASIO4ALL v2” if it’s not there then download & install it.
    Or use your exiting ASIO driver if available. Then you can carry on
    following this tutorial from the “VST Connection” part.

  14. argh ya it used to work and now i cant record the vocals the bar doesnt
    even go up beside the setting but it does in bottom right

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