Katy Perry picks up the guitar and shows Anthony Mason how she wrote one of her first songs ever.
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  1. thanks for this video.
    what is a bridge exactly is it a instrumental part or vocal part and whats
    the instrumental parts btw parts?

  2. This song seems to break every rule about structure going…yet it
    works..look at the early anylitics which suggest it may be popular in the

    please pay attention to the comments section…something about it just

  3. hello need more info on
    i wanna learn how to write songs look at *Banfan Song Sensation* (do a
    search on google)? our mate uses it extraordinary

  4. DontPutSpiceonRice

    Guys, she has a speech impedement, so what? Quit hiding behind the internet
    thinking you’re so funny for making fun of her.

  5. This is good stuff! I’ve learned the song structure a little while back,
    but it’s very useful for beginners to get an idea of the frame. I have more
    technical videos of songwriting on my channel, if you’re curious!

  6. JUNKYARDOGvideos

    what you are talking about here is not the ‘bridge’, which as you would
    emagine from the name, takes you from one part of the song to another, but
    the ‘ Middle 8’ which is esentialy 8 bars of ‘something else’ a departure
    from the structure. lyricly this could be the ‘I remember when’ part or
    such like musicaly it would be the ‘third chord’ talked of as a kind of
    holy grail of songwriting. a song dose not have to have a mid8 but it Will
    have a bride regardless,its in the nature of change.

  7. Hey everyone! Google me and connect with me on facebook. Thanks for the
    feedback and support and hope this helps!

  8. @TEDOVSKY I should add that you don’t neccesarily have to think about these
    things ahead of time or as you write the song. But at some point you should
    examine your song and figure those things out.

  9. I’m trying to write traditional, melodic punk rock and I’ve thought alot
    about song structure. A lot of songs have an untraditional chorus and it
    still works. it’s awesome.

  10. Deanna Litterell

    wow u didnt say too much but what u said made alot of sence this was the
    first video i chose to see the best way to wright a song and i dont think i
    need any more help lol thanks this was very helpfull 😀

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