“A lot of the times you hear a song that doesn’t have vocals on it yet. It’s sort of like a jump rope going around. You’re thinking about how you’re going in…
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  1. ParanormalGhostman

    I am a beginner at recording and I waned to know, do you have to have an
    audio interface? if you don’t have one what happens?

  2. @AndGz7 We’ll see what we can find. Be sure to subscribe to our other
    channel JRRSHOP2 as all future videos will be uploaded to that account.

  3. My question: i have cubase LE4 and i’m a total newbie about mixing.. Is the
    program “enough” or should i get a complete version? My songs are pop/rock
    recorded on a multitrack recorder. I would like to know what is missing in
    my software-tried to google… Cheers from Sweden..!

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