Here are some important productivity tips for Windows 8. Windows 8 has changed a lot since Windows 7 and it s going to take a while to get used to all the ne…
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Small Business Productivity Tips Email is supposed to make our life easier … however how much time do you spend each day deal…

  1. roberto carlos palencia santana

    Oye salty lo del scrapbook los videos que puedo guardar son solo los del
    teléfono los de YouTube no puedo sólo los guarda como imagen??

  2. K tal viejo se k ya estás de lleno con el note 3 pero podrías subir un
    vídeo de cómo filtrar el HTC one en español casi todos están en ingles,

  3. The Daily Note.Net

    kshukom16, go to settings -> application manager. and you should see all
    your apps. find the carrier bloat. There should be a disable button. If
    there have been any updates, uninstall updates first, then the disable
    button appears. I find I can disable just about everything except a handful
    of services. Check out tips and tricks episode 53 for slightly different
    way to do this.

  4. Again I decided to check in with your channel and you showed me something I
    really find interesting. KEEP IT UP MAN!!! Pity I can only like this once.

  5. I didn’t know anything about this app before this. It’s a great tip! Thank
    you! Glad that I’ve subscribed your channel

  6. Heather Dittenber

    I need help:( I got the instant upload photos off my phone but the empty
    files are still there. How do I delete them?

  7. How can I move some of my app the to the SD card. I tried to download a app
    to help me do so but the app give a message stating my sd card is not a
    premium card

  8. Hi Michael, On a different topic…. I wanted to use the pop up browser on
    my note 2, but accidently internet always and now I can’t get the option
    for pop up anymore. How can I get it back. Now it just goes full screen
    brower all the time. Help please

  9. WELCOME BACK MIKE! Hope the MOve went SMOOOOOTH ;)). I wasn’t aware you
    were moving. I thought you got really ill. My bad. This is a Great utility
    for so many. I hope you love your new place and bet wishes Mike.

  10. The Daily Note.Net

    I’ve decided to keep it unrooted. I think the stock rom is pretty enough,
    and battery is big enough. Jelly Bean does give you the option to disable
    carrier bloat. And having a 64GB Note 2, I don’t need to do External2IntSD
    mod. Also Korean carrier let’s me do free tethering with no extra charge.
    So the only reason to root is to run game cheating apps…which I would
    love to do, and run sixaxis, but that is not worth the hassle of rooting,
    manually updating.

  11. The Daily Note.Net

    drakescz, I don’t have a mac, so I cannot test this but I think AirDroid
    isn’t the source of your problem. I would troubleshoot it as if you were
    trying to get AFT working the first time. The steps I would do to
    troubleshoot it is, I would restart the note 2 first. Uninstall both of the
    mentioned apps, restart, and try to get one of them working. Could
    something be locking up access to the file system? Do apps like My Files or
    ES File Explorer work?

  12. The Daily Note.Net

    mga2380ify, you have to use the clicker on the S pen, and you can only
    select a single line of text. Just try to draw it as straight as possible.

  13. I was so frustrated with Kies Air; I could never get it to work. AirDroid
    is a lifesaver! I can now easily transfer my music files to my Note II’s SD
    card. I look forward to trying AirDroid’s other features that you
    demonstrated. Thanks!

  14. Please help me I wach all your videos and when I play games on the phone it
    gets realy hot what can happen when that happens please help

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